Spoilers for the Week of October 19, 2020

10/24/2020 12:00 am

monica advises ned GH

Soaps.com is back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead from Monday October 19 to Friday October 30. Someone is summoned to the Port Charles PD, as one of its cops goes behind another’s back. Plus, a confession — as well as a pact — is made, and Mike’s will surfaces…

General Hospital spoilers week of October 19:

GH opinion: A slow burn of a week, an overdose of Peter and Cyrus, and looking forward to a complicated love triangle.

In the latest soap opera news, pregnancy reveals, backstage secrets, and more.

In this week’s GH spoiler video, Michael punches Chase as the shocks keep coming in October!

General Hospital spoilers for Monday October 19:

In Monday’s GH recap, Brook Lynn confronts Ned about cheating on Olivia, Valentin is driven to drink, and Michael punches Chase.

Carly is called into the PCPD.

Sasha and Willow have a heart to heart.

Valentin offers to help Nina.

Ned confides in Monica.

Alexis offends Sam.

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General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday October 20:

Michael and Willow discuss their future at Quartermaine house General Hospital

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Brook Lynn kisses Valentin, Michael and Willow decide to get an annulment, and Carly’s rattled.

Chase goes behind Jordan’s back.

Brando meets with Cyrus.

Sam looks to Sonny for help.

Brook Lynn shares a drink with Valentin.

Lulu is conflicted.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday October 21:

Ava suspects Nikolas of blackmail on GH

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Ava figures out the blackmail scheme, Valentin and Brook Lynn cause a stir, and Jax and Sam offer Michael a job.

Monica advises Ned to do the right thing.

Julian lashes out.

Nik apologizes to Elizabeth.

Michael gets a new opportunity.

Sam looks for help with Aurora.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday October 22:

Carly and Jason try to remember in the Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

In Thursday’s GH recap, Ava asks Nikolas for a divorce, Mike leaves Sonny a racehorse, and Carly surprises Nina at Nelle’s grave.

Sonny tells Jason about Mike’s will.

Nikolas makes a confession.

Valentin feels vindicated.

Willow tries to talk to Chase.

Carly struggles to find closure.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday October 23:

Alexis goes on a bender on GH

In Friday’s GH recap, Carly has a horrifying vision at Nelle’s grave, Trina kisses Cam, and Jax finds Alexis drinking at the bar.

Carly gets into an argument with Nina.

Jax and Curtis make a pact.

Jordan gains insight into Britt’s involvement with Cyrus.

Julian receives a threatening postcard.

Dev continues to manipulate Joss.

– Amy Mistretta


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