Spoilers for the Week of September 07, 2020

09/12/2020 12:00 am

sam feels like she's to blame GH

Soaps.com is back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead – for all-new episodes – from Monday September 7 to Friday September 18. Blame is placed, a friendly face returns, a kiss is revealed, a mysterious call is received and more…

General Hospital spoilers week of September 7:

In the latest soap opera news, personal loss, surprise returns, and soapy speculation.

In the General Hospital weekly spoiler video, the Corinthos family braces to say goodbye, as Mike’s condition worsens.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday September 7:

Due to the Labor Day holiday, the ABC soap opera will air an encore of General Hospital’s April 14 episode.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday September 8:

Jason and Sam check on Brando at General Hospital

In Tuesday’s GH recap, Dante refuses Olivia’s visit, Julian finds a syringe under Alexis’ bed, and Sam opens up to Brando.

Olivia is distraught.

Alexis is in disbelief.

Lulu checks on Kevin.

Jordan wants answers.

Sam can’t help but feel that she’s to blame.

Knots Landing and daytime soap opera alum Kevin Dobson passed away.

Breaking – All My Children fave Kim Delaney lands General Hospital role.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday September 9:

Portia talks with Ava about Trina on GH

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Cyrus looks into Neil’s overdose, Julian searches Martin’s office and Sam blames herself.

Jordan confronts Cyrus.

Bobbie reams out Valentin.

Carly shares a friendly drink with Brick when Stephen A. Smith returns to General Hospital.

Portia clears the air with Ava.

Joss tells Cam she knows about his kiss with Trina.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday September 10:

Robert and Olivia talk Holly in England General Hospital

In Thursday’s GH recap, Robert gets a call from Holly, the end is near for Mike, and Nikolas questions Elizabeth’s marriage.

Mike’s condition continues to decline.

Ned meets with Sonny.

Franco defends Elizabeth.

Jax and Nina head out of town.

Robert receives a mysterious phone call.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday September 11:

Nikolas and Liz talk on General Hospital

In Friday’s GH recap, Britt is named Chief of Staff and makes shocking changes at the hospital, Joss remembers good times with Mike, and Franco & Liz continue to learn about the logistics of Nik & Ava’s marriage.

Josslyn visits Mike at Turning Woods.

Ava confides in Franco.

Liz is remorseful.

Epiphany worries about changes being made at the hospital.

Britt arrives at GH.

There will be no coming back for Neil since Joe Flanigan has left General Hospital.

General Hospital Fall Previews:

Soap Digest reports that Sam and Jason are free to be together with their family. However, there’s always something that affects their happiness.

The fact that Jordan kept the secret that she faked Taggert’s death from Curtis could come back to haunt her relationship with Curtis and Trina.

After Robert attends Holly’s memorial, more questions are raised about her death.

Someone from Anna and Peter’s past will resurface, and the stress that’s felt by Anna will also affect Finn.

Julian is willing to go to great lengths to make sure he doesn’t go down for Nelle’s crimes.

Joss develops feelings for Cam, but he and Trina have already developed feelings of their own.

– Amy Mistretta


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