Spoilers for the Week of August 17, 2020

08/22/2020 12:00 am

chase runs into sasha GH

Soaps.com is back with new General Hospital spoilers for two weeks ahead – for all-new episodes – from Monday August 17 to Friday August 28. An urgent call comes in, two unlikely people team up, someone overhears a private conversation, a disturbing discovery is made and more!

General Hospital spoilers week of August 17:

In this week’s General Hospital spoiler video, the most shocking and unpredictable Nurses Ball ever.

Shocking returns, bad behavior, cancelations, and celebrations in this week’s soap opera news roundup.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday August 17:

Finn and Anna discuss the wedding at the Floating Rib General Hospital

In Monday’s GH recap, Ava vows to destroy Nikolas, Jax gets info on Nina’s necklace, and Brook Lynn and Lulu go another round.

Elizabeth accuses Ava of self-sabotage.

Dustin runs into Brook Lynn.

Anna and Finn are at odds.

Maxie changes her mind.

Jax gets an important phone call.

Who did it best? Rating the returns of B&B, GH, and Y&R from big plot twists to blow-up dolls.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday August 18:

Lucy at the 2020 Nurses Ball Red Carpet on GH

In Tuesday’s GH recap, the Nurses Ball begins with some changes, Jordan talks to a “dead man,” and Ned is irked by Robert.

Carly teams up with Nina.

Sam steals a moment with Jason.

Sonny has his doubts.

Nik is dismissive of Ava.

Chase runs into Sasha.

Photo gallery: On the anniversary of a history-making first kiss, revisit memorable instances soaps blazed a trail for LGBTQ representation.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday August 19:


Maxie tells Peter she's pregnant in dressing room General Hospital

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Peter learns Maxie is pregnant, Taggert wants to put an end to Cyrus, and Curtis and Portia rehash the past.

Brook Lynn gets caught up on the moment.

Maxie makes a stunning announcement.

Portia questions Jordan’s behavior.

Cutis attempts to connect with Trina.

Willow and Joss bond.

General Hospital alum Vanessa Marcil shares a health update amid return rumors.

Real Andrews returns to General Hospital as Marcus Taggert.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday August 20:

Nelle gets ready for her big performance on GH

In Thursday’s GH recap, Julian chloroforms Monica in an attempt to kidnap Wiley for Nelle, who attacks Brook Lynn, while Elizabeth hears Ava admit the truth about her marriage of convenience.

Chase has a hard time seeing Willow with Michael.

Elizabeth overhears an interesting conversation.

Brook Lynn puts herself in harm’s way.

Sasha struggles with her emotions.

Valentin attempts to win Nina over.

Read Kelly Monaco’s message to fans, shout out to Lindsay Korman-Hartley, and tease for future of General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday August 21:

Olivia tells Ned he's scaring her at the Nurses Ball General Hospital

In Friday’s GH recap, Julian pulls a gun on Nelle, Olivia learns she can visit Dante, and Dustin and Lulu find Brook Lynn.

Ned and Olivia butt heads.

Sam sees a softer side to Brando.

Elizabeth and Franco come to a realization.

Michael makes a startling discovery.

Julian is forced to make a life-changing decision.

Spoiler: The call that Sonny receives could be one he’s most dreaded.

Should this year’s Nurses’ Ball be the last one? Maybe… and here’s why.

– Amy Mistretta

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