Spoilers for the Week of December 03, 2018

12/06/2018 03:00 pm

carly visits morgan's gravesite

Soaps.com has the latest General Hospital spoilers two weeks ahead. Bad news spreads throughout Port Charles, as Sonny and Lulu cross paths with Margaux and Willow. And while Griffin has some explaining to do, Drew and Kim make a plea to their dying son, and Carly pays a visit to the gravesite of the son she lost.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 3:

In the weekly GH Blog, Kiki's murder was expected, but still shocking. And Jordan is still the worst cop in Port Charles.

In this week's Spoiler Digest, demented, devastated, and delirious, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

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General Hospital spoilers for Monday December 3:

In the GH Recap, Ava holds Griffin at gunpoint and Sam gets shocking news about her husband.

Griffin pleads his case.

Jordan gets a lead.

Sam is pleasantly surprised.

Soaps Roundup: General Hospital storyline highlights from last week’s episodes feature another murder.

In the December GH spoiler video: Sonny receives a stern warning for Mike to stay away and many people are getting cozy in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday December 4:

In the GH Recap: Ava catches Ryan lying, and the cops make a connection between Mary Pat and Kiki's murders.

Ava is put on the spot.

Chase finds a clue.

Sonny runs into Margaux.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday December 5:

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In Wednesday's GH recap, Nina and Lulu clash over Charlotte, Laura looks for clues, and Oscar calls Alexis.

Julian lashes out.

Franco begins his day in Art Therapy.

Lulu runs into Willow.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday December 6:

In Thursday's GH recap, Anna and Finn corner Obrecht, Sam has a case for Curtis, and Laura gets a shock from Ryan.

Jordan grows obsessed over a case.

Sam has something important for Alexis.

Chase looks for answers surrounding Mary Pat’s murder.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday December 7:

In Friday's GH Recap: Curtis and Sam connect the obituary to Mike's friend, Mike learns Yvonne is married, and Margaux offers Drew the flash drive.

Anna bets on Obrecht’s motherly instincts.

Jason gets interesting news.

Alexis is skeptical.

Love could be in the air for Mike after he meets Yvonne when Janet Hubert joins General Hospital.

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General Hospital spoilers for the week of December 10

GH spoilers for Monday December 10:

Ava is having a hard time.

Julian tries to smooth things over.

Carly pays a visit to Morgan’s grave.

GH spoilers for Tuesday December 11:

Laura brings Sonny up to speed.

Nina is disappointed.

Anna looks to the future.

GH spoilers for Wednesday December 12:

Carly confronts “Kevin.”

Ava receives a surprise visit.

Nina is encouraged to give Valentin another chance.

GH spoilers for Thursday December 13:

Kim gives Oscar his space.

Cameron pays Julian a visit.

Sonny and Oscar have a heart-heart.

GH spoilers for Friday December 14:

Stella gains a little insight.

Laura confides in Lulu.

Nina makes a decision.

More GH spoilers:

In light of Kiki’s murder, Franco and Liz postpone their wedding.

The PCPD learns about Ava drugging Sasha and Griffin in order to break up Kiki’s relationship.

Ava flips out on Carly during Kiki’s funeral.

Margaux hands over the flashdrive to Drew.

Drew and Jason have a deep conversation.

Laura realizes that Aiden is being bullied by Charlotte.

General Hospital comings and goings:

Emma will be back in Port Charles for the holidays when Brooklyn Rae Silzer returns to General Hospital.


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