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Spoilers for the Week of July 16, 2018

07/20/2018 05:34 am

griffin stands his ground returns with new General Hospital spoilers for next week. Port Charles residents are filled with various emotions, as one is torn, another is desperate and someone else can’t help but express their frustration. Plus, while Sonny receives a surprise visitor, Carly’s actions are met with consequences.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 16:

In last week’s GH column, Obrecht should have spared everyone more misery and killed Peter, and Nelle and Michael’s Friday the 13th wedding is fitting given Nelle is a monster.

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, scandalous events and losing control, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday July 16:

In Monday’s GH recap, Carly fails to prevent the wedding, but Michael remains confident in his plan, and Ava is nearly outed.

Michael is torn.

Jordan is sympathetic.

Ava deflects.

Josslyn comes clean.

Sonny expresses his frustrations.

General Hospital actress makes history! Vinessa Antoine has been cast in the CBC drama Diggstown and is the first black actress in a leading television role in Canada.

Congrats are in order for Young Artist Award winner T.K. Weaver for his role as GH’s Danny Morgan.

Soaps Roundup: Highlights from last week’s General Hospital storylines.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday July 17:

In Tuesday’s GH Recap: The PCPD closes in on Obrecht, Jake arranges a meeting for Jason and Drew, and Maxie lashes out at Valentin.

Nina makes a promise.

Liz presses Franco to do the right thing.

Maxie senses something is wrong.

Valentin puts two and two together.

Obrecht is overcome with emotion.

In this week’s GH Spoiler Video: Obrecht’s revenge could end in murder as a fire erupts accompanied by horrific screams.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday July 18:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Franco tries to talk Obrecht out of her plan, Valentin realizes what Nina has been doing, and Michael fills his father in about his plans for Nelle.

Kim pleads with Julian.

Chase reassures Nelle.

Curtis offers Liz an explanation.

Valentin buys some time.

Julian pays Sonny a surprise visit.

Rumor alert! Could Mishael Morgan be the new Jordan Ashford?

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday July 19:

In Thursday’s GH Recap: Maxie closes in on Obrecht and Nina, Obrecht gets her revenge, and Franco identifies his attacker.

Liz is proud of Kiki.

Griffin pushes back.

Sonny gets in over his head.

Carly faces the consequences of her actions.

Nina dodges accusations.

Birth Announcement: GH alum Brianna Brown gives birth to first child.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday July 20:

In today’s GH Recap: Nina is rescued while Peter remains in danger while Diane visits Carly.

Obrecht encounters an obstacle.

Valentin is desperate.

Diane is the bearer of bad news.

Jason is anxious.

Nelle looks to Chase for help.

More GH spoilers:

Michael and Nelle’s wedding is interrupted by Carly.

Nelle goes into panic mode.

Lucas seeks advice from Alexis.

Jason’s mission is to protect Michael at all costs.

Chase plays his cards close to his chest.

Ava sets out to do damage control.

Ferncliff’s mystery patient has a familiar face.

Joss tells Michael she witnessed Chase and Nelle kissing.

Michael assures Joss he has control of the situation.

GH SOD spoilers:

Valentin comes across Franco on the docks and is arrested when Chase assumes he knocked out Franco.

When Franco comes to, he pinpoints Obrecht as his attacker.

Maxie, Lulu, Valentin and Finn head to Wyndemere.

Peter is rescued in a dramatic way by Finn.

Obrecht is brought into the PCPD by Curtis.

Coming up on General Hospital in July and onward:

Valerie Spencer will be back in Port Charles since Brytni Sarpy is returning to GH.

There’s a new doctor in town with Casey Biggs cast on GH as Ferncliff’s newest staff member.

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– Amy Mistretta


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