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Spoilers for the Week of June 04, 2018

06/08/2018 05:40 am has the latest General Hospital spoilers for the coming week. It’s a mixed bit of emotions as Alexis and Monica face off, someone warns Carly, and Maxie can’t hold back her feelings. And while Ava reveals what she witnessed, Jason is backed into a corner and may be forced to come clean…

General Hospital spoilers for the week of June 4:

In last week’s GH column, Michael finally found his brain in regards to Nelle, and who kidnapped Peter?

In this week’s Spoiler Digest, hard choices and bad advice, we have new spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

General Hospital spoilers for Monday June 4:

In Monday’s GH recap, Nina and Obrecht hold Peter captive, while Finn supports Anna, Nelle is threatened, and Maxie is released.

Maxie is moved to tears.nelle issues sonny a threat

Finn’s timing is impeccable.

Drew makes arrangements.

Oscar steps up.

Mike gets the attention he needs.

Former Days of our Lives actress Molly Burnett will appear as Maxie on General Hospital, due to health issues with Kirsten Storms.

Drew Cheetwood returns to GH as Magic Milo.

Elizabeth Hendrickson discusses her new GH role and reunions with old friends.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday June 5:

In Tuesday’s GH Recap: Jason won’t testify that Carly’s insane, Valentin provides Alexis with information on Mikkos, Lulu and Dante argue, and Kim is relieved by Drew’s decision.

Sam asks for help.

Valentin keeps his word.

Jason has doubts.

Kim hears a different side of the story.

Lulu struggles against a difference of opinion.

Death notice: General Hospital alum Robert Mandan has passed away and will be remembered for his role in Port Charles, as well as various other daytime and primetime roles.

DVR alerts: Soap alums, including Cameron Mathison, featured in Hallmark’s Summer Nights movie premieres. Four all-new romances where the days are hot and the nights are even hotter.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday June 6:

In Wednesday’s GH recap, Finn has an unhappy reunion with his father, Anna makes a confession to Robin, and Kiki turns to Alexis for help.

Chase and Finn’s father turns up on the scene with Days alum James Read cast on GH as George Chase.

Finn is supportive.

Anna comes clean.

Sonny cautions Carly.

Julian apologizes.

Alexis is stunned.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday June 7:

In Thursday’s GH Recap: Carly’s trial begins, Ava senses something is bothering Griffin, Franco wants to meet Liz’s family, and Kiki turns to Lulu for help.

Ava relays what she saw.

Josslyn is on the defense.

Griffin is interrupted.

Lulu makes a promise.

Franco takes matters into his own hands.

Film update for GH actor (Dillon) Robert Palmer Watkins in Last Three Days, actor reveals a teaser trailer plus release date information.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday June 8:

In Friday’s GH Recap: Jason hesitates on the stand at Carly’s trial, Jordan hires Curtis, Finn comforts Anna, and Alexis deals with her past.

Alexis confronts Monica.

Jason is put on the spot.

Nelle is thrilled.

Michael makes a call.

Curtis wants to help.

DVR Alerts! Don’t miss General Hospital alum Jack Wagner in The Wedding March 4 on the Hallmark Channel this month.

General Hospital SOD spoilers:

Sam comes across an interesting clue.

Michael receives help from Spinelli.

Nina has had enough.

Nina’s summonsed to the cabin where Peter’s being held.

The kidnapper will be revealed and will make Nina a co-conspirator, which is way more than Nina bargained for.

Curtis and Sam begin the search for Peter.

General Hospital SOD summer previews:

A few people may ruin Peter’s chance at freedom, even though he has one last card up his sleeve.

Anna is torn regarding Peter’s actions and Robin’s questions.

Carly’s falsified guilty plea might not turn out as planned and will force her and Sonny to remain a united front from afar.

Sam and Curtis team up on a big case that puts her in Drew and Jason’s orbits.

Griffin’s one-night stand with Kiki weighs heavily on him.

Dante and Lulu’s careers put a damper on their marriage.

Though Stella publicly has accepted Jordan and Curtis’ union, privately she has not.

Julian plans to make sure his son’s happiness remains in the face of the adoption.

A turn of events may prevent Nelle from getting what she wants, as Michael will prove to be a big force of power.

Oscar works to support Josslyn during her mother’s troubles.

Look for more of Cameron.

Lulu agrees to Kiki’s request and writes a story surrounding sexual harassment.

Coming up on General Hospital in June and onward:

Even though the actress has been dropped to recurring status, Genie Francis is being eyed for a GH return with hopes of a new storyline for Laura.

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– Amy Mistretta


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