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Spoilers for the Week of April 02, 2018

04/06/2018 05:18 pm

It’s spoiler Friday, which means is back with a new batch of General Hospital teasers for the week to come. Things aren’t looking good for a few Port Charles residents. While Maxie feels the walls closing in on her, Elizabeth and Jake are in danger and Franco – plus Drew – are shaken to the core. Not to mention, Peter is walking around town manipulating many in his wake…

Week of April 2:

Last week’s GH Column tackled unpopular couple Franco and Liz and why they are actually great together.

In this week’s Spoiler digest, enraged, enraptured, and encroaching lunacy , we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.Griffin-Peter-contront-GH-ABC

Monday April 2:

In Monday’s GH recap: Griffin confronts Peter about being Faison’s son, Nina gets angry about Maxie and Peter’s relationship, and Alexis asks Anna if she can date Finn.

Maxie feels smothered.

Lulu gets the encouragement she needs.

Spinelli prepares to leave.

Alexis offers words of caution.

Finn is disinterested.

Spoiler video for this week on Genera Hospital teases Jim Harvey pulling a gun on Liz, the haunting of Carly, and Griffin coming unhinged on Peter for being the son of Faison.

Emmy alert! Grab your favorite beverage and watch the Daytime Younger Actress Emmy reels, which include submitted 2017 scenes from General Hospital nominees Hayley Erin (Kiki) and Chloe Lanier (Nelle).

Help celebrate 55 years on air by bidding in the General Hospital anniversary props auction.

Could Scott Baldwin be leaving General Hospital? Kin Shriner posted that it was true, but his removed tweet causes a stir…

Tuesday April 3:

In Tuesday’s GH Recap: Franco has a session with Kevin, Jason searches for Faison’s belongings, Griffin has it out with Peter, and Maxie meets Nathan’s replacement.

Peter manipulates a situation to his advantage.

Griffin is conflicted.

Jason worries about Elizabeth.sam-says-bye-to-drew-gh-jj

Nina looks to Curtis for advice.

Nathan’s actions are honored.

In today’s teaser video, while talking about Henrik, Andre horrifies Anna with a theory, Franco doesn’t look forward to doing the right thing, and Griffin lashes out at the latest fraud in Port Charles.

The Daytime Emmy winners will be announced at the end of the month. While we wait, watch the Daytime Younger Actor Emmy reels, which include submitted 2017 scenes from General Hospital nominee Hudson West (Jake).

Though we don’t have a voice when it comes to voting for the daytime winners, readers do have the final say on who wins in our 12th Annual Sudzies Awards. Please vote your favorite soaps/actors and share them on social media so your friends can vote as well.

Emme Rylan injured her foot, which could make its way into a future story.

Wednesday April 4:

In Wednesday’s GH recap: Ava reads the test results, Mike remembers something about Sonny, Anna believes Henrik is coming for her and Franco undergoes hypnotherapy.

Carly and Bobbie reminisce.

Ava can’t help herself.

Peters wants answers.mike-worries-about-his-memory

Anna gets help.

Michael works to preserve his family’s legacy.

Watch today’s spoiler video where Sonny’s outburst brings Mike to tears, Bobbie listens on as Carly talks about the mysterious bloody scarf, and Franco shares his deepest insecurities with Kevin.

Holiday celebrations! GH stars’ share Easter photos of food, friends and family.

Maxie isn’t the only one missing Nathan these days… Though Nathan won’t be back in Port Charles, fans of the actor can mark their calendars to see him in primetime because has Ryan Paevey’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine air date on FOX.

This year’s 45th Daytime Emmy nominations have been announced. Join on the site and on social media on Emmy night on April 29 for a list of the winners and more.

Thursday April 5:

Thursday’s GH Recap: Bensch tells Kiki he read her signals wrong, Franco recalls disturbing memories of Jim, Drew talks to Betsy, and Julian hopes for more with Kim.

Franco is terribly shaken.

Elizabeth and Jake inadvertently put themselves in harm’s way.

Drew shows a softer side.

Kiki attempts to clear up a misunderstanding.

Julian and Kim share a moment.

In today’s teaser video, Kevin pushes Franco to reveal another memory, while from her hospital room Betsy screams in terror. Plus, Julian puts a smile on Kim’s face and Oscar has something to smile about as well.

Get tickets! Bryan Craig’s new film Ride will be featured for a special screening this month. The actor has invited fans to join him for the world premiere of his film, which is based on the true story of BMX champion rider John Buultjens.

Brooklyn Rae Silzer brings Emma back to General Hospital to visit Anna. Could she be coming for the Nurses’ Ball?

Friday April 6:

This Friday GH brings on a few more doctors to the scene with University of South Carolina basketball player, a motivational speaker and an Oklahoma Sooners player, likely to be a part of the Shadow Program at GH.

Carly confronts Jason.

Kevin prefers to err on the side of caution.

Drew is shaken.

Sonny’s is left unsettled.

Nelle’s plan to sabotage Carly is in full swing.

In Friday’s GH recap: Betsy tells Drew the truth about Jim, Sonny worries what Mike is telling people, Nelle gaslights Carly, and Franco and Harvey come to blows.

Spoiler video! Today in Port Charles, Liz screams for Jake to run as Harvey holds them at gunpoint, and Nelle’s about to scare the living daylights out of Carly as she sets out to haunt her nemesis.

Fans get to see which scenes actresses submitted that landed them a Daytime Emmy nomination. Watch the Daytime Supporting Actress Emmy reels today.

SOD spoilers:

Finn suggests he and Alexis step it up a notch.

Sam makes plans to leave town.

Anna is hit with a surprise.

Peter is confronted by Valentin.

Jordan sets out to find answers.

Scott continues to worry about Franco.

Max gives Sonny a shoulder to lean on.

Drew takes charge.

Nina meets with Curtis on the hunt for answers.

Sonny fears his past will come back to hurt him.

Coming up:

Even though the actress has been dropped to recurring status, Genie Francis is being eyed for a GH return with hopes of a new storyline for Laura.

Robert Scorpio will be back on the canvas, as Tristan Rogers returns to GH. Stay tuned!

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