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Spoilers for the Week of March 19, 2018

03/23/2018 10:46 am

It’s General Hospital spoiler Friday and Port Charles isn’t lacking drama in the coming week. Franco makes a confession (finally), Drew’s instants kick into overdrive – not sure if that’s a good or bad thing – and Nelle becomes agitated, which can only mean trouble… bring it! is thrilled to announce that the 45th Daytime Emmy Nominations are in. Check out the list of nominees to see if any of your favorites were nominated. Join us while we cover the event Sunday April 29 right here on the site and social media.

In last week’s GH column, Dr. Bensch’s fixation on Kiki was creeping viewers out, Peter made a big mistake, Finn’s brother was a welcome surprise, and Sam was like a broken record.

Week of March 19:

In this week’s Spoiler digest, offers, ultimatums, and suspects, we have spoilers for all four soaps including Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our Lives, General Hospital and Young and the Restless.

Catch all of the latest news for all the soaps as Y&R celebrates its 45th anniversary, Michelle Stafford does a beauty spot, and Bryan Datillo talks Days history.

Monday March 19:

In Monday’s GH recap: Peter and Maxie discuss Nathan and he realizes how to end his novel while Franco and Drew remain trapped, and Ned decides to risk his position.

Elizabeth looks for answers.

Franco confesses.

Jason meets with Anna.

Griffin takes a risk.

Ned feels compromised.

In alum news, Sean Blakemore’s Spinning Man movie starring Pierce Brosnan has an official trailer out.

Tuesday March 20:

Tuesday’s GH Recap: Kiki becomes uncomfortable with Dr. Bensch’s attention, Drew and Franco face danger, and Sam searches for clues to their whereabouts.

Griffin offers his advice.

Sam gets a break.

Liz turns to Jordan for help.

Curtis surprised.

Kiki is grateful.

In today’s teaser video, Dr. Bensch wants to talk to Kiki in private, which is creeping some fans out. Sam and Liz work together to find their men, but they better work fast because Harvey wants Drew and Franco taken care of for good.

Wednesday March 21:

Wednesday’s GH recap: Jordan and Curtis find Betsy, while Sam and Liz frantically look for their men, who escape the basement, and Griffin agrees to move in with Ava.

Drew’s instincts kick in.

Jordan makes a startling discovery.

Ava wonders if Nelle is taking things too far.

Griffin accepts an offer from Ava.

Michael is let down.

Video teaser shows Curtis and Jordan drawing their weapons, as Sam stops at nothing to locate Drew, and Harvey finds himself confronted by the Port Charles PD. Plus, Griffin walks in on Nelle and Ava, which could spell trouble.

Thursday March 22:

Thursday’s GH Recap: Franco hopes for a second chance with Liz, Carly learns Kim is seeing Julian, Julian admits to Alexis he’s jealous, and Sam tries to talk to Drew.

Franco is uncertain of his future.

Nelle grows frustrated.

Carly is pleasantly surprised.

Alexis rises to Finn’s defense.

Andre encourages Anna to live her life.

Since we can’t vote on the Daytime Emmys, is bringing back our Sudzies Awards for you to participate in. Please vote in the 12th annual Sudzies Awards and share them on social media with your friends.

In today’s spoiler video Sam and Liz question Drew and Franco, Carly approaches Kim, and Finn has it out with Julian over Alexis.

Friday March 23:

In Friday’s GH recap: Drew leaves Sam, Sonny has a plan involving Andre, Alexis interrupts Anna and Finn, and Julian and Kim kiss.

Sam wrestles with her feelings.

Nelle makes a bold move.

Jason meets with Spinelli.

Andre gets an earful from Sonny.

Julian bumps into Alexis.

Watch this GH video teaser where things turn confrontational between Mike and Sonny, emotions run high as Sam prepares to tell Drew the truth, and Anna finally faces Finn.

Coming up:

Even though the actress has been dropped to recurring status, Genie Francis is being eyed for a GH return with hopes of a new storyline for Laura.

Robert Scorpio will be back on the canvas, as Tristan Rogers returns to GH. Stay tuned!

Drew shares news with Curtis.

Sam receives a startling call.

Sam continues to struggle with her feelings.

Jason makes an apology.

Anna uncovers Spinelli’s plans.

Spinelli meets with Jason.

Dr. Bensch kisses Kiki, who is unnerved by his actions.

Nelle makes her move.

SOD spoilers:

Drew leaves Sam after she confesses her feelings for Jason.

When Jason slips to Drew about his New Year’s Eve kiss with Sam, Drew loses it.

Things turn physical between Drew and Jason.

Sam’s not ready to commit to Jason.

Liz and Jason put their differences aside.

Sonny is there for Mike.

Maxie gets a pep talk from Bobbie.

A secret weighs Griffin down.

Kevin hopes hypnosis will heal someone.

Kim looks back on the past.

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– Amy Mistretta


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