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Spoilers for the Week of March 12, 2018

03/16/2018 09:42 am

It’s Friday, which means new General Hospital spoilers for the week ahead in Port Charles. Guess who has an emotional side? Yep, Nelle, but probably not in the way you’d suspect. Even though Alexis can’t make head or tails of her own life half the time, she has some advice for Sam. We could go on and on but we’ll let you read on for a better idea of what’s to come…

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Week of March 12:

In this week’s General Hospital promo: Finn’s arrested for assaulting Julian and Maxie seeks a restraining order against Lulu. The Port Charles PD is going to be busy!

Monday March 12:Jason and Sam discuss the earthquake-GH-ABC

GH recap: Anna confronts Valentin

Franco pleads with Drew.

Carly encourages Sonny.

Peter pays a visit to Griffin.

Anna confronts Valentin.

Kiki gets a surprise from her mentor.

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Tuesday March 13:

GH Recap: Liz doubts Franco has changed

peter-testedHuntingtons-disease-gh-abcFranco risks losing everything.

Nelle shows her maternal side.

Michael is propositioned.

Celesta Deastis has been cast on GH as Francesca, the new nurse that was flirting with Michael.

Finn calls Alexis.

Curtis is taken aback.

In today’s spoiler video Liz confronts Franco about pushing Drew down the stairs as a child. Let’s hope he finally comes clean about his memories.

Wednesday March 14:

Wednesday’s GH Recap: Alexis tries to keep Finn out of jail , Franco and Drew investigate Harvey, Nina doesn’t trust Peter, and Kim admits she has feelings for Drew.

Drew forges an unlikely partnership.

Spinelli gets a lead.

Nina is put off by Peter’s interest in Maxie.

Ned gets in over his head.

Julian and Kim commiserate.

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Teaser video, Julian may appear interested in Kim, but Kim believes Julian and Alexis are far from over – and she has no problem telling Julian that.

Thursday March 15:

Thursday’s GH Recap: Liz learns Franco is missing, Maxie wants a restraining order against Lulu, Ned lays a trap for Jim, and Drew and Franco struggle to escape their predicament.

Drew grows frustrated with Franco.

Liz and Kim bond.

Alexis offers Sam her perspective.

Ned loses his temper.

Dante and Lulu have much to be grateful for.

In today’s teaser video, Franco doesn’t recognize his surroundings, as he and Drew continue to look for answers from their childhood. Plus, Sam shares her worries and Maxie and Lulu have it out.

Friday March 16:

Friday’s GH recap: Liz and Sam begrudgingly teamed up, Mike accepted Sonny’s help, Maxie and Peter got their test results, Griffin put the pieces together, and Nelle continued her plan against Carly.

Griffin questions Peter.

Anna vents to Andre.

Peter gets good news.

Maxie and Nina get good news.

Michael confides in Carly.

Video teaser, Sam tells Liz she’ll take out Franco if he’s done anything to hurt Drew, Peter seeks his test results, and Stella stands up to help Mike, who continues to struggle with his condition.

Coming up:

Even though the actress has been dropped to recurring status, Genie Francis is being eyed for a GH return with hopes of a new storyline for Laura.

Robert Scorpio will be back on the canvas, as Tristan Rogers returns to GH. Stay tuned!

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– Amy Mistretta


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