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Spoilers for the Week of February 26, 2018

03/02/2018 04:40 pm

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Week of February 26:

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Monday February 26:

GH recap: Carly gets closer to cracking

sonny-wants-ava-to-make-it-all-go-away-gh-jjSonny feels helpless.

Tensions run high at the PCPD.

Ava gains confidence.

Nelle bonds with Joss.

Julian suffers a blow.

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Tuesday February 27:

GH Recap: Drew believes Jim is lying

Dante worries about Peter’s intentions.

Franco grows restless.

Scott is supportive.

Curtis and Drew work together.

jim-harvey-lurks-charles-street-gh-jjAnna has news for Felicia.

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Wednesday February 28:

GH recap: Rita leaves Mike

Franco struggles against a nightmare.

Sonny pleads with Ava.

Kiki learns that not everything is as it seems.

Drew and Sam celebrate Scout.

Kim becomes intrigued with Julian.

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Thursday March 1:

GH Recap: Franco confronts Jim about his memory

Jordan is put in a precarious position.

Drew looks to Kim for answers.

Griffin is happy for Ava.

Scott and Kevin put aside their differences.

Franco has an epiphany.

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Friday March 2:

GH recap: An earthquake hits Port Charles

Franco confronts Harvey.

Sam and Drew play chaperone.

Jason runs into Sam.

Carly confronts Nelle.

Peter confides in Valentine.

Jordan pays Curtis a visit.

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SOD previews:

Drama surrounds Liz and Franco’s wedding, as he tries to deal with his past and an act of God may affect things.

Scott delivers a cryptic message from Betsy to Franco.

Franco’s nightmare leads him to seek out Kevin.

On his way to the wedding, Franco has an encounter that not only puts his past into focus, it forces him to take action.

Franco confronts Jim Harvey.

Andre is released from prison and teams up with Anna, who plans to leave for Europe to look for her child.

Sam and Drew act as chaperones.

Jason and Sam come face to face once again.

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