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Spoilers for the Week of February 05, 2018

02/09/2018 09:49 am

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Week of February 5:

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Monday February 5:

GH recap: Sonny Questions Mike About the Missing Money

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Liz is proud of Franco.

Ava can’t help herself.

Carly warns Jason not to give up.

Michael is grateful.

Franco confides in Kevin.

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Tuesday February 6:

GH Recap: A political ad attacks Alexis

Curtis and Jordan team up.

Alexis and Finn bond.

Julian is pestered.

Anna continues her investigation.

Robin reads between the lines.

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Wednesday February 7:

GH recap: Peter Tells Lulu About His Life As an Abandoned Child

Peter bumps into Lulu.

Alexis turns to Sam for help.

Ned’s words are impactful.

Julian declines an offer.

Jim Harvey continues to make waves.

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Thursday February 8:

GH recap: Valentin tells Anna she had a baby girl

Anna is in denial.

Drew pushes back.

Sam asks for a favor.

Carly vents her frustrations.

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Friday February 9:

GH Recap: Nathan’s funeral is held

Valentin stays by Nina’s side.

Franco has a moment with Obrecht.

Peter’s curiosity is piqued.

Dante offers his support.

Lulu is stunned.

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SOD February Sweeps:

Anna learns someone else knows about the identity of her secret child.

Lulu’s world is rocked.

Diane visits Carly.

Someone plays Monica for a fool.

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Drew’s plans are interrupted by Danny.

Drama surrounds Liz and Franco’s wedding, as he tries to deal with his past and an act of God may affect things.

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Jason and Sam’s New Year’s kiss could affect her marriage to Drew.

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– Amy Mistretta


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