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Spoilers for the Week of January 22, 2018

01/26/2018 04:51 pm

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Peter-Lulu-pitch-GH-ABCWeek of January 22:

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Monday January 22:

GH recap: Sam & Drew get Married

Anna pleads with Sonny.

Jordan is concerned.

Laura updates Lulu.

Bobbie runs into Nelle.

Carly decides to take matters into her own hands.

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Tuesday January 23:

GH Recap: Lulu stumbles upon Faison & Obrect

Lulu is frustrated.

Peter is cautious.

Obrecht faces her fears.

Anna creates a diversion.

Dante is relieved.

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Wednesday January 24:

GH Recap: Finn meets Faison

Jason makes a declaration.

Nathan takes a break.

Kim shares good news.

Lulu tries to talk her way out of a tricky situation.

Felicia accosts Finn.

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Thursday January 25:

GH Recap: Faison captures Peter and Maxie

Anna gets an unexpected guest.

Finn is grateful.

Amy makes a grand gesture.

Nathan humbles Dante.

Franco feels alone.

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Friday January 26:

GH Recap: Shots fired

Sonny and Jason arrive in the nick-of-time.

Carly appears useful.

Finn gets in deeper.

Anna shares her news.

Lulu gets an idea.

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Coming up:

Drew could uncover something from his past that he would have rather not known, which leads Sam to rethink her decision to marry him.

Family matters may shake up the extended Corinthos family, which might require Sonny’s special skills.

Alexis makes a surprising friend in Port Charles but continues to be thrown into Julian’s orbit.

Kim may hold the key to some information for Drew. She’ll also deliver a baby or two and take time out for romance.

Jordan and Curtis uncover a Port Charles mystery.

Nelle and Maxie’s paths will cross during their pregnancies.

Scott holds the key to whether or not Franco pushed Drew down the stairs as children.

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– Amy Mistretta


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