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Spoilers for the Week of January 15, 2018

01/19/2018 04:51 pm

Deconstructing GH: Stalled storylines made for a dull week

Jason-Sonny-trap-PKSinclaire-GH-ABCWeek of January 15:

Monday January 15:

GH recap: Spinelli Gets a Response From the Traitor

Jason gets one step closer to the truth.

Maxie is desperate.

Anna grows more frustrated.

Felicia offers some friendly advice.

Carly gets a rude awakening.

GH Spoiler Video: Carly thinks Oscar needs a cold shower

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Tuesday January 16:

GH Recap: Nelle hopes for a future with Michael

Jason grows impatient.

Michael seeks out Nelle for answers.ava-stand-alone-episode-surgery-gh-abc

Joss gets the support she needs.

Drew is forced to deal with an uncomfortable situation.

Kiki runs into Griffin.

GH Spoiler Video: Sonny plans to use Faison’s son

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Wednesday January 17:

GH Recap: Ava is haunted by her sins during her surgery

There will be a stand-alone episode of Ava undergoing surgery.

Once she’s under anesthesia, Ava thinks about all of the people she’s hurt in the past.

Past characters will turn up in Ava’s thoughts.

Julian offers his support.

Sonny receives a mysterious text message.

Kiki is a bundle of nerves.

Franco looks to repay a favor.

Griffin offers words of encouragement.

GH Spoiler Video: Morgan begs Ava to help him

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Thursday January 18:

GH Recap: A mysterious figure catches up on Port Charles news

Faison (played by Anders Hove) returns to Port Charles.

Maxie tries not to worry.

Franco is caught off guard.

Ned tries to convince Alexis to help him.

Molly is displaced.

Lulu enjoys a happy reunion.

GH Spoiler Video: Dante and Nathan draw their weapons

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Friday January 19:

GH Recap: Obrecht tells Anna about Faison’s son and then gets knocked out

Jason leans on an unlikely ally.

Anna receives a surprise visit.

Obrecht grows desperate.

Alexis pleads with Laura.

Kevin looks for a solution.

GH Spoiler Video: Sonny knows Sam will love Jason forever

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Soap Digest GH previews:

Julian might have to face a life without Alexis and may find romance elsewhere.

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