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Spoilers for the Week of December 18, 2017

12/22/2017 03:35 pm

Week of December 18:

Deconstructing GH: A glimpse of what could be for Jason and Drew

Monday December 18:

GH recap: Drew Proposes to Sam While Jason Looks for the Flash Drive

carly-thinks-sam-loves-jason-gh-abcDrew puts it all out there.

Carly feels terrible for her friend.

Sam lashes out.

Sonny and Drew talk through potential scenarios.

Jordan and Anna bond.

GH Spoiler Video: Carly insists Sam loves Jason

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Tuesday December 19:

kiki-tells-griffin-dillon-cant-come-home-gh-abc GH Recap: Obrecht warns Britt about Faison

Drew and Jason share a common goal.

Drew gets the reassurance he needs.

Griffin apologizes.

Curtis comforts Jordan.

Alexis takes Danny to the park.

GH Spoiler Video: Kiki receives sad news about Dillon

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Wednesday December 20:

GH Recap: Lulu pitches the voting scandal to Peter then enlists Dante’s help

kevin-needs-dantes-help-gh-abcLaura asks a favor of Lulu.

Alexis infuriates Molly.

Nelle gets a break.

Nathan confronts Obrecht.

Felicia puts Maxie at ease.

GH Spoiler Video: Kevin needs Dante’s help

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Thursday December 21:

lulu-gives-oscar-book-on-edward-q-gh-abc GH Recap: Kevin and Laura’s Christmas wedding is hit with bad luck

Laura hopes for the best.

Jason pays his respect.

Franco receives a mysterious note.

Sam gets a surprise.

Ned softens.

GH Spoiler Video: Oscar learns about Edward Quartermaine

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Friday December 22:

GH Recap: Nelle crashes the Corinthos Christmas and Julian plays reluctant host

nelle-collapses-michaels-arms-gh-abcMichael pours his heart out.

Carly has a plan.

Laura gets a surprise.

Molly opens her home.

Griffin accepts an uncomfortable situation.

GH Spoiler Video: Nelle collapses in Michael’s arms

Week of December 25:

Monday December 25:

“General Hospital” will not be seen, due to a nationwide preemption.

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– Amy Mistretta


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