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Spoilers for the Week of November 06, 2017

11/10/2017 02:26 pm

Deconstructing GH: 2 Jasons storyline making for the best episodes in a long time

Week of November 6:

GH Spoiler Video: Jason & Six’s DNA results are in

Monday November 6:

Anna Wants Valentin to Become Her Spy in Order to Stop Cassandra

scott-tells-alexis-julian-was-beaten-in-jail-gh-abcAlexis looks for advice.

Jason receives a text from Curtis.

Finn is uncomfortable.

Elizabeth is shaken.

Diane has an update.

GH Spoiler Video: Alexis learns Julian was beaten

William deVry returns to General Hospital as Julian.

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Tuesday November 7:

GH Recap: Alexis is stunned when an inmate slams Julian into a wall

nina-meets-with-cassandra-gh-abcAlexis is stunned.

Cassandra gets an idea.

Anna is rejected.

Amy gets shocking news.

Maxie is dismissive.

Amy’s brother Chet (played by Christopher Van Etten) appears.

GH Spoiler Video: Cassandra wants Nina as a friend

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Wednesday November 8:

GH Recap: When Nina Won’t Give Her a Raise, Nelle Blackmails Valentin

Dr. Klein gets a bit of luck.Amy-Chet-hospital-GH-XXJ

Michael opens up to Sonny.

Carly gets what she wants.

Nelle plays with fire.

Nathan eases Amy’s fears.

GH Spoiler Video: Amy begs Nathan not to arrest Chet

Thursday November 9:

GH Recap: Klein is shocked to learn his client is located in Port Charles

joss-oscar-go-to-sonny-for-help-gh-jjCassandra invites Nina to lunch.

Ava gets a stroke of luck.

Sonny gets a surprise visit.

Jason returns home.

Valentin doesn’t take the bait.

GH Spoiler Video: Josslyn and Oscar go to Sonny for help

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Friday November 10:

GH Recap: Jordan Tells Both Men They Are DNA Matches For Jason Morgan

six-talks-to-sam-about-kids-gh-abcMonica makes her intentions clear.

Jordan has the answer.

Alexis looks to Ava for help.

Patient Six counts his losses.

Carly wrestles with her obligations.

GH Spoiler Video: Six talks to Sam about her children

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SOD November Sweeps spoilers:

Alexis works to rewrite the past.

Curtis updates someone.

Jason receives a devastating blow.

Franco irks Ava.

Anna and Valentin’s lives are pulled together.

Nina looks at a situation from all angles.

Cassandra’s presence threatens to reveal Valentin’s past and destroy his future.

Maxie finds herself in the hot seat.

Michael learns something that could change everything for him and Nelle.

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– Amy Mistretta


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