Spoilers for the Week of September 25, 2017

09/29/2017 10:22 am

Deconstructing GH: Ava and Patient Six are the high points in a lackluster week

Week of September 25:

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Patient Six Is on the Loose

Monday September 25:

Betsy Tells Franco the Truth About Drew While Jason Wakes Up

Franco is asked to keep a secret.

Griffin grows frustrated with Valentin.

Ava faces a moral dilemma.

Nelle finds Michael’s gesture unnerving.

Carly cannot help herself.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Sam Sobs in Fear as Jason Codes

Tuesday September 26:

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GH Recap: Sonny is Puzzled by a Call from Russia, Where Ava Helps Patient Six

Ava is propositioned.

Griffin makes his intentions known.

Sonny has a task for Brick.

Franco confides in Scott.

Maxie puts Nathan’s mind at ease.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Nathan Won’t Make Love to Maxie

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Wednesday September 27:

GH Recap: Spinelli Ruins Maxie’s Attempt to Fix Nathan’s Ask Man Landers Reveal

Carly has mixed feelings.

Bobbie extends an olive branch.

Nelle and Michael celebrate.

Nathan comforts Amy.

Anna isn’t convinced.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Finn Dares Anna to Blackmail Him

Thursday September 28:

GH Recap: Sharon accuses Nelle of having something that belongs to her family

Nelle is ambushed.

Carly and Michael are at odds.

Mac and Felicia are astonished.

Sam checks in with Monica.

Liz gets good news.

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General Hospital Spoiler Video: Franco Meets the Anonymous Buyer

Friday September 29:

Liz has trouble explaining herself.

Franco is ready for a fresh start.

Sam raises her concerns.

Ava dreams of Griffin.

Dillon feels threatened.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Ava Receives a Mysterious Visitor

SOD GH fall previews:

Bobbie and Carly created obstacles in Michael and Nelle’s relationship.

Maxie comes up with a plan in regards to the publishing party surrounding Man Landers.

Sonny can’t get the call from Russia out of his mind.

Ava is caught helping Patient Six escape the clinic.

Griffin rushes to help Ava.

Stella continues to be anti-Curtis/Jordan.

Sam tries to hook Alexis up with Dr. Bensch.

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– Amy Mistretta


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