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Spoilers for the Week of July 31, 2017

08/04/2017 10:13 am

Deconstructing GH: Viewers were captivated by Sam trapping Sonny

Week of July 31:

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Hot couples set summer on fire

Monday July 31:

Finn gives Hayden an answer to her marriage proposal

Sonny begins to lose hope.

Carly is forced to wait.

Finn surprises Hayden.

Nina is on the defense.

Nathan delivers a strong warning.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Nathan gives Valentin a stern warning

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Tuesday August 1:

GH Recap: Trapped in a pit, Sonny is visited by the ghost of Stone Cates

Carly lashes out at Jordan.

Sonny has a choice to make.

Avery is inconsolable.

Ava takes pains to hide her appearance.

Hayden is confronted by her past

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Sonny is happy to see a familiar face

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Wednesday August 2:

GH Recap: Sam stirs awake but has no memory of the past day

Griffin is cautiously optimistic.

Jason holds vigil.

Oscar offers his support.

Nelle scrutinizes a gift.

Hayden suffers a guilty conscience.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Jason calls out to Sam

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Thursday August 3:

GH Recap: Michael makes a discovery as the distillery is set for demolition

Valentin deals with an intruder.

Laura receives a stern warning.

Jason begins his interrogation.

Julian tries to raise Ava’s spirits.

Carly seeks out Michael.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Countdown, 20 minutes until demolition

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Friday August 4:

Valentin gives Ava a tempting offer

Jason tries to get the truth.

Dante helps Carly.

Sam struggles with reality.

Ava gets a proposal that could change her fate.

Laura has a plan.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Jason continues to interrogate Garvey

SOD spoilers:

Sam leans toward confessing.

Griffin and Ava’s bond becomes stronger.

Kristina and a past love reconnect.

Finn doesn’t believe he’s getting the whole truth.

Hayden’s choice is shocking.

Dante inches toward the truth and looks for a resolution.

Scotty pushes it.

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