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Spoilers for the Week of July 17, 2017

07/21/2017 09:41 am

Deconstructing GH: Returns with a heavy dash of foreshadowing

Week of July 17:

General Hospital Spoiler Video: An abduction with a jaw dropping twist

Monday July 17:

GH Recap: Spencer enrages Valentin with a murder accusation

Sam is forced to comply.

Sonny talks Carly down.

Jordan gives Anna her blessing.

Curtis feels guilty.

Griffin has good news.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Ava refuses to leave the hospital

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Port Charles summer staycation

Tuesday July 18:

GH Recap: Ava’s bandages are removed and she faces her burns

Laura faces difficult truths about Charlotte.

Spencer makes matters worse.

Ava is a wreck.

Sonny begins an uphill battle.

Curtis learns what it means to make a true sacrifice.

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Wednesday July 19:

GH Recap: Alexis receives several surprises regarding Julian’s trial

Nina has a decision to make.

Laura turns to Kevin for help.

Finn and Hayden look to the future.

Obrecht needs a favor.

Alexis is conflicted.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Julian asks Alexis to be a witness

Thursday July 20:

GH Recap: Evidence stacks up against Valentin in Spencer’s kidnapping

Nina’s faith is shaken.

Joss feels responsible.

Laura pleads her case.

Sonny is pulled in opposite directions.

Lucy tracks Finn down.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Julian tells Sam to get rid of Sonny

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Friday July 21:

GH Recap: Laura takes matters into her own hands to get Spencer back

Sam makes a beeline for Julian.

Jason promises to do what he can.

Nathan calls Nina out.

Sonny receives an ominous text message.

Ava’s depression worsens.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Laura accuses Valentin of killing Nik

SOD spoilers:

Sam feels the need to get rid of Sonny for the sake of her family.

Jason forces Sam to get help after learning her diagnosis.

After Sonny receives a tip on Spencer’s whereabouts, he finds himself in dangerous territory.

Nathan keeps his Man Landers involvement a secret from Maxie.

Time begins to run out for Sonny.

Hayden’s happiness is at risk, due to a secret from her past.

Ava receives an offer from Valentin.

Jason continues to worry about Sam.

Laura confronts Spencer in regards to his behavior.

Alexis makes a beeline to the hospital.

Garvey is pleased with his actions.

Olivia Jerome continues to have an effect on Port Charles.

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– Amy Mistretta


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