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Spoilers for the Week of June 19, 2017

06/22/2017 06:02 am

Deconstructing GH: Overdosing on some characters, propping up others

Week of June 19:

General Hospital Spoiler Video: A gunman takes aim at Carly

Monday June 19:

GH Recap: Sam lashes out at Jason as she hears voices

Michael has something important to discuss with Nelle.

Ned and Olivia make a decision.

Griffin pays Sonny a visit.

Ava is devastated by what she sees.

Jason is taken aback.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Sonny’s confronted about killing Ava

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Tuesday June 20:

GH Recap: Nathan and Amy’s Man Landers ruse hits another snag

Nina comes to Nelle’s rescue.

Josslyn rebels.

Carly and Sonny reminisce.

Julian gets an offer.

Nathan extends his support.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Jason finds Sam clutching a knife

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Wednesday June 21:

GH Recap: Sonny and Carly receive an unwanted visitor on the island

Sam gets news that seems promising.

Nelle’s luck takes a turn.

Nathan draws the line.

Sonny lets his guard down.

Lulu surprises Dante.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Nathan hinders the Man Landers deal

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Thursday June 22:

GH Recap: Aunt Stella learns the truth about TJ

A friendly game leads to painful memories.

Sam questions her reaction.

Laura clears up any confusion.

TJ’s secret is revealed.

Nina is comforted.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Port Charles summer shakeups

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Friday June 23:

GH Recap: Shots are fired by Carly and Jason

Carly pulls back.

Jason’s timing couldn’t be better.

TJ does damage control.

Josslyn gets in over her head.

Michael spends time with Nelle.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Carly screams as a shot rings out

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SOD spoilers:

Jordan worries she caused Stella’s health crisis.

Things don’t go as planned at Olivia’s bachelorette party.

Sam gives Sonny a warning.

Josslyn continues to rebel.

Ned approaches Dillon about something serious.

Nina holds back.

Jordan receives an update from Anna.

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