Spoilers for the Week of June 12, 2017

06/16/2017 08:35 am

Deconstructing GH: A good week side-lined by adding to a bloated cast

Week of June 12:

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Jason & Spinelli battle a new threat

Monday June 12:

GH Recap: Jordan asks TJ to keep a secret

Scotty worries about his fate.

Kiki offers her support.

Sonny confides in Laura.

Carly second guesses herself.

Jordan asks a favor of TJ.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Scott is physically blindsided

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Tuesday June 13:

Due to special news coverage, the show will be nationally pre-empted today, as well as in Canada. Tuesday’s episode will now air on Wednesday. For time zones not affected by the news, a repeat of the Friday December 2, 2016 episode will air where Ava demanded custody of Avery and Julian refused an investigation into his hit and run.

Wednesday June 14:

GH Recap: Jake remains in danger from Helena

Carly just wants what’s best.

Jason works to find out who’s been doing Helena’s bidding.

Sam is on the edge.

Anna stops by Lulu’s.

Amy has a favor to ask.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Sam tells Jason it needs to be over

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Thursday June 15:
GH Recap: Sam disagrees with Griffin’s diagnosis of what is ailing her

Jason gets ahead of an enemy.

Sam is less than thrilled to see her mother.

Liz takes pains to keep Jake safe.

Olivia gets surprising news.

Nathan gains a little perspective.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: A dangerous man lurks in Port Charles

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Friday June 16:

GH Recap: Sam has a grim hallucination

Liz and Hayden have a run-in.

Jason learns the truth.

Sam has a premonition.

Lulu and Dante are in over their heads.

Kevin whisks Laura away.

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Spencer makes a strong accusation

SOD spoilers:

Things heat up between Anna and Andre.

Spencer wants to take back what was his.

Carly receives backlash from Josslyn.

Josslyn isn’t truthful with Bobbie.

Sam’s health worries Jason.

Kiki shows her mother compassion.

Things finally look up for Nelle.

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– Amy Mistretta


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