Spoilers for the Week of May 29, 2017

06/02/2017 08:34 am

GH The Nurses’ Ball was missing magic and participants

Week of May 29:

Monday May 29:

ABC will air an encore of General Hospital’s Thursday May 4 farewell episode, Jane Elliot’s last day as Tracy Quartermaine.

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Tuesday May 30:

GH Spoiler Video: Jake’s magic show turns deadly

GH Recap: In the wake of the ball, two people are left in grave danger

Jake chooses sides.

Anna questions Valentin’s motives.

Nina makes a plea.

Dante arrives in the nick of time.

Nathan calls Amy out.

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Wednesday May 31:

GH Recap: Nina learns the role Valentin played with the Chimera

GH Spoiler Video: The vengeance is far from over

Sonny wonders if he should have done things differently.

Dante remains skeptical.

Carly is called away.

Nina is shaken.

Curtis takes the high road.

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Thursday June 1:

GH Spoiler Video: Ava’s health takes center stage

GH Recap: Julian is released on bail and informed about Ava’s condition

Kiki doesn’t know how to feel.

Michael is hopeful.

Sonny doesn’t want to give up.

Alexis gets good news.

Finn looks to get back on track.

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Friday June 2:

GH Recap: After Lulu tips Valentin off, he does the unthinkable

General Hospital Spoiler Video: Anna receives an order to make an arrest

Alexis is unsure.

Kiki looks for answers.

Carly apologizes to Andre.

Lulu is duped.

Amy wrestles past demons.

SOD spoilers:

Griffin gives Ava a sobering prognosis.

Kiki is urged by Monica to prepare for the worst.

Dante investigates.

Jason sets out to find answers in regards to Helena.

Strange visions consume Sam.

Alexis takes Julian’s side.

Amy goes to Nathan for help.

Laura comes to a decision surrounding her living situation.

Hayden doesn’t know where to turn.

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– Amy Mistretta


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