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Spoilers for the Week of March 06, 2017

03/10/2017 08:31 am

Deconstructing GH: The big reveal surrounding Nelle was a load of bull

Week of March 6:

Monday March 6:

GH Recap: Liv changes strategies when her plan is falling apart

Just in: Soap opera characters in need of a career makeover

Franco makes a bizarre discovery.

Liz comes to Julian’s aid.

Charlotte’s custody hearing looms.

Nina questions her marriage.

Griffin puts himself in harm’s way.

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Tuesday March 7:

GH Recap: Liv tries bringing Duke back from the dead

Laura strikes a deal with Nina.

Valentin meets with his lawyer.

Anna comes face-to-face with her past.

Liv finally gets what she wants.

Alexis washes her hands of Julian.

Wednesday March 8:

GH Recap: Duke agrees with Liv, Anna must die

Just in: Duke’s ghost to make a return?

Nina takes sides.

Jordan presses Julian for information.

Liv wants Anna dead.

Carly demands the truth.

Michael doubts Sonny.

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Thursday March 9:

GH Recap: Olivia puts the next part of her plan into motion

Kiki forgives Ava.

Jason and Sam receive bad news.

Liv gains the upper hand.

Nelle crosses Michael.

Brad confronts Finn.

Friday March 10:

GH Recap: Jason tries to stop Robin from exploding

Finn’s addiction gets the best of him.

Griffin makes a sacrifice.

Jason risks his life.

Sam and Alexis compare notes.

Liv uses Ava as bait.

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Coming up according to SOD:

Franco suggests Jake go into therapy after he starts quoting passages from Helena’s children’s book.

Dante suggests it’s time for Sonny to change his ways.

Sonny plans to fight for Carly.

Ava is plagued by guilt.

Anna receives a truce from Valentin.

Hayden and Tracy struggle to help Finn fight his withdrawals.

Nelle is presented with a new job opportunity.

Liv forces Ava to lure Julian home. Once he arrives, he finds Ava – tied up. Liv calls and lets him know she has kidnapped Alexis.

Liv must face her fate.

Alexis looks back on her life with Julian.

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