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Spoilers for the Week of February 27, 2017

03/03/2017 08:24 am

Deconstructing GH: A lot of excitement, but the flashbacks won the week

Week of February 27:

GH Promo: Time is running out for Sam

Monday February 27:

GH Recap: Carly hears Sonny’s confession

Julian gets a lucky break.

Laura fails Tracy.

Finn apologizes to Hayden.

Alexis learns the truth.

Sonny looks forward to a future with Carly.

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Tuesday February 28:

GH Recap: Sam goes into labor and fears something is wrong with the baby

Finn makes a sacrifice.

Carly considers her future with Sonny.

Michael confides in Sonny.

Bobbie offers Nelle a little friendly advice.

Liv’s plans are thwarted.

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Wednesday March 1:

GH Recap: Sam starts to bleed after giving birth and falls unconscious

Nelle plans her escape.

Jason breaks his promise.

Julian’s days are numbered.

Alexis turns to Jordan for help.

Franco makes efforts to stay close to Liz.

Thursday March 2:

GH Recap: Carly, Sonny and Michael demand answers from Nelle

Michael is blindsided.

Nelle decides to come clean.

Jason and Franco go toe to toe.

Liz gets devastating news.

Kevin looks for answers.

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Friday March 3:

GH Recap: Nelle explains why she set out to ruin Carly’s life

Robin fears for her mother’s life.

Liv has Julian cornered.

Monica helps Alexis through a difficult time.

Jordan interrogates Ava.

Nelle wants a future with Michael.

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Still to come:

Llanview’s Nora Buchanan arrives in Port Charles and represents Valentin in Charlotte’s custody battle.

Liv makes her intentions for General Hospital clear to Robin.

Griffin helps Liv put her plan into motion.

Carly and Michael face what they heard via the recording of Sonny.

Nelle confesses the reason why she plotted, which complicates things further.

Andre plays a big role in the outcome of Charlotte’s custody.

Laura and Lulu go to Kevin for help.

Liv forces Julian to make a very dangerous decision in order to save one of his loved ones.

Carly goes toe to toe with Morgan’s murderer.

Jake’s disturbing memories concern Liz and Franco.

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