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Spoilers for the Week of February 20, 2017

02/24/2017 09:18 am

Deconstructing GH: The nurses’ strike and hospital woes aren’t exciting drama

Week of February 20:

GH Spoiler Video: Olivia puts Sam in danger

Monday February 20:
GH Recap: Anna sobs after Finn and Griffin reveal her test results

Robin returns to check on her mother.

Carly plans a romantic getaway.

Jason advises Sonny to come clean.

Ned makes a life altering decision.

Julian makes a grave mistake.

Sam worries Alexis may be too forgiving.

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Tuesday February 21:

GH Recap: Robin reminisces about Olivia, who puts a plan in motion for Sam

Ned looks to Dante for Advice.

Nelle and Michael weather the storm.

Julian calls Jason out.

Liv sets her sights on Sam.

Tensions grow between Curtis and Jordan.

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Wednesday February 22:

GH Recap: Sam’s escape plan is foiled when Liv gets the upper-hand

Ava grows desperate.

Julian learns the consequence of his actions.

Bobbie gets an update from Felicia.

Nelle pushes Michael away.

Tracy has cause to celebrate.

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Thursday February 23:

GH Recap: Olivia and Sam’s confrontation leads to a shocking outcome

GH Promo: Carly vows payback!

Nina takes matters into her own hands.

Hayden turns to Griffin for answers.

Anna is overwhelmed by Valentin.

Jason visits Robin at GH.

Julian has a clandestine meeting with Gray.

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Friday February 24:

GH Recap: Curtis and Jason find an empty tomb

Finn alienates Hayden.

Laura becomes a pawn in Julian’s game.

Jason and Curtis make a startling revelation.

Sam finds strength in her unborn child.

Nina regrets her actions.

Still to come:

Franco steps into a surprising new position at GH.

After Liv pushes Sam off a bridge, Jason does everything in his power to save her.

Sam is desperate to protect her unborn baby.

Jordan’s life is in jeopardy as she searches for Liv.

Liv’s new plan involves Griffin.

Nina is offered a deal by Laura, as Lulu and Valentin’s custody hearing over Charlotte begins.

Nelle thinks twice about ruining Sonny.

Bobbie wants nothing more than to expose Nelle.

The aftermath of Nelle’s stunning revelation forces Sonny and Carly to deal with the affect on their family.

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