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Spoilers for the Week of November 28, 2016

12/02/2016 09:11 am

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Week of November 28:

Monday November 28:

GH Recap: Alexis gets Julian help but runs and Nelle cozies up to Sonny

Nelle sets her plan in motion.

Jax receives a distressing phone call.

Alexis’ drinking spirals out of control.

Carly is conflicted over her feelings for Sonny.

Jordan and Andre have it out.

Tuesday November 29:

GH Recap: Sonny wakes up with Nelle and Julian wakes up in hospital

Bobbie resumes her position at General Hospital.

Nelle manipulates an unsuspecting Sonny.

Franco pursues Tom Baker.

Terrified he will lose her the same way he lost his wife, Finn races to find a cure for Hayden.

Wednesday November 30:

GH Recap: Franco attacks Tom Baker and Nelle tapes Sonny’s confession

Nelle struggles with her guilt.

Carly comes clean with Sonny.

Dillon tries to cheer up Kiki.

Anna and Griffin focus on trying to find Claudette.

Valentin uses Charlotte to draw Nina closer.

Griffin breaks up a fight at the hospital.

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Thursday December 1:

GH Recap: Laura surprises Santa, while Franco pays a visit to Heather

Laura considers taking her relationship with Kevin to the next level.

Maxie and Nathan are worried about the company Nina has been keeping.

Anna confronts Valentin.

Griffin and Liz have a heart-to-heart.

Franco pays Heather a visit.

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Friday December 2:

GH Recap: Ava demands custody and Julian refuses an investigation

Jason and Curtis compare notes.

Sam is concerned Jason’s trust in Curtis is misplaced.

Carly senses something isn’t quite right.

Ava uses Morgan’s death to her advantage.

Alexis faces the consequences of her actions.

Anna continues her investigation into Valentin’s past.

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Nelle continues to plot against Carly and Sonny.

Jason struggles with whether or not to tell Carly the truth about Nelle and Sonny.

Julian has a request for Alexis in exchange for remaining silent about the fact that she ran him down.

Ava becomes suspicious of Alexis, as Julian recuperates.

Lulu demands answers from Valentin.

Franco sets out to seek revenge on Tom Baker.

Dillon’s friendly gesture angers Kiki.

Finn thinks he found a cure for Hayden.

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