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Spoilers for the Week of November 07, 2016

11/11/2016 05:44 am

Deconstructing GH: Valentin provided a welcomed break from the blame game

Week of November 7:

GH Spoiler Video: Alexis’ drinking problem turns dangerous

Monday November 7:

GH Recap: Griffin learns he’s not a father and Lucy threatens Ava

Ava is stunned when she learns who sent her the mysterious text.

Andre asks Curtis to back off.

Liz asks a favor of Franco which leads to a heated moment.

Griffin and Anna are shocked with what they see.

Carly and Sonny discuss Morgan’s journal.

Lulu and Dante share a special evening.

Tuesday November 8:

GH Recap: Alarms go off and Hayden could be infected

Alexis’ careless behavior leads to harrowing consequences.

Sam and Jason come up with a new theory regarding Morgan’s death.

Franco comforts Liz after she receives disturbing news.

Tracy witnesses a meeting that piques her curiosity.

Hayden steps into the path of danger.

Wednesday November 9:

GH Recap: Hayden is infected and Valentin influences Nina

Griffin shares confidential yet crucial information with Carly.

Nathan receives a troubling letter.

Nina’s longing for a family of her own reveals a certain vulnerability.

Nelle makes an astute observation, as she and Michael grow closer.

Finn flips out.

Laura is distraught by the news Alexis shares.

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Thursday November 10:

GH Recap: Hayden becomes deathly ill and Liz gets devastating news

Jax witnesses something disturbing.

Nelle makes an ominous prediction about Carly.

Sam expresses her concern for her mother.

Liz thanks Franco for his help.

Finn and Laura jump into action during a crisis.

Obrecht rats out Finn to Monica.

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Friday November 11:

Spotlight on: Grey’s Anatomy recap: Ghosts haunt the doctors in the OR as they attempt to save a life

GH Recap: Sonny shocks all by pulling a gun at Morgan’s funeral

It’s the day of Morgan’s funeral as Carly continues to rely on Nelle for support.

Kiki and Dillon have an awkward encounter.

Dillon comforts Kiki.

Jordan and Andre witness a meeting that raises eyebrows.

Jason discovers critical information from Max.

Hospital politics interfere with a medical emergency.

Finn, Liz and Tracy go into crisis mode to help Hayden.

SOD November Sweeps:

Someone might have other plans for the newly reopened hospital.

Finn, Tracy and Liz set out to help Hayden, who becomes infected as a result of the lab spill.

Sonny’s decision affects himself and a lot of others.

Jax comforts Carly, as Nelle becomes a greater part of her life.

Jason believes someone else was in the vicinity on the night of Morgan’s death.

Sonny heads to Morgan’s funeral armed with a gun and comes clean in regards to his connection to Morgan’s death.

Jason makes a new, surprising frenemy.

Someone from Liz’s past returns and causes doubts for Franco.

Consequences of Alexis’ drinking results in something very unexpected.

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– Amy Mistretta


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