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Spoilers for the Week of October 24, 2016

10/28/2016 01:00 pm

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Deconstructing GH: Claudette’s lies are piling up like a Presidential debate

Grey’s Anatomy recap: Somebody could be pregnant!

Week of October 24:

Spotlight on… General Hospital stars (photos!) get into the Halloween spirit

Monday October 24:

GH Recap: Maxie is rescued and Valentin finds Claudette on the run

Laura finds herself distracted during her date with Kevin.

Kevin and Laura make plans for another date.

Claudette pulls a fast one on Griffin.

Charlotte is introduced to Laura.

Nathan deduces that Maxie was mistaken for someone else.

Carly lays down the law.

Finn and Hayden share a heated moment.

Tuesday October 25:

GH Recap: Jordan gets evidence and Sonny blames Scott

Sonny confronts Scott.

Scott goads Sonny, causing him to lose it.

Alexis is thrown by an unexpected encounter.

Jason and Sam tell Danny he’s going to be a big brother.

Franco and Liz present Jordan with some important information about the hospital.

Hayden confronts Finn about his feelings for her.

Wednesday October 26:

GH Recap: Carly fights with Julian and concern grows for Sonny

Nathan and Maxie focus on their wedding plans.

Nathan receives disturbing news about Claudette.

Alexis reaches out to Carly.

Nelle urges Michael to be patient with his father.

Jason and Sonny have it out.

Curtis defies Jordan’s request to keep out of an investigation.

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Thursday October 27:

GH Recap: Robin finds Sonny in trouble and Charlotte warms to Griffin

Lucy has some news for Laura.

Michael is put through an emotional rollercoaster.

Griffin bares his soul to Anna.

Jason issues a warning to Curtis.

Valerie is advised to keep an eye on Curtis.

Jordan receives some pivotal information at the PCPD.

Friday October 28:

GH Recap: An unexpected visitor thwarts Laura’s party and plans

Just in: Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Catherine pressures Bailey to fire Alex

Bobbie is suspicious of Nelle.

Sonny has a powerful memory.

Lulu and Maxie discuss wedding plans.

Maxie and Nathan receive some disturbing video footage.

Alexis does her best to hide the truth from Sam.

Laura prepares to say goodbye to a part of her history.


Valentin reappears and finds Nina.

Claudette goes MIA – for the time being.

Franco becomes insecure when he sees Liz, Jason and Jake spending time together.

Griffin is faced with devastation.

Port Charles bids someone goodbye.

Hayden may have to face serious consequences, due to an accident.

Sonny stuns many with an announcement.

Anna has a big surprise.

Ava is hit with a chilling message.

Jason investigates.

Week of October 31:

Monday October 31:

The residents of Port Charles celebrate Halloween at the Metro Court hotel.

Franco and Jason clash.

Sonny has a big reaction to one of the Halloween revelers.

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– Amy Mistretta


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