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Spoilers for the Week of October 17, 2016

10/21/2016 09:58 am

Deconstructing GH: Morgan’s shocking death led to heart wrenching performances

Week of October 17:

Monday October 17:

GH Recap: Julian badgers Sonny for a truce to honor Morgan

Nelle offers her support and tries to help Sonny.

Jason shows his support to Carly.

TJ makes a wrong assumption about Curtis’ questions.

Tracy takes Lucy to task.

Liz laments over the future of her job.

Tuesday October 18:

GH Recap: Maxie gets the DNA results and Franco nails Heather

Hayden receives an insulting proposal and makes a bold move to help Finn.

Griffin struggles to come to terms with a choice he made.

Anna discusses a job opportunity with Andre.

Franco hatches a plan to reopen the hospital.

Laura reveals her plans to sell Wyndemere and questions Liz about her feelings for Franco.

Wednesday October 19:

GH Recap: Hayden collapses in Finn’s arms, as Maxie encounters danger

Griffin is put to the test.

Maxie delivers important news and is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hayden proves that she is more than capable of handling herself and getting what she wants and calls Finn out on his feelings for her.

Ava has a tense encounter with Sonny and later is caught snooping.

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Thursday October 20:

GH recap: Carly blames herself for Morgan’s death and Maxie’s kidnapped

Nelle confronts Ava.

Claudette makes a frightening discovery.

Sonny’s dreams get the better of him.

Michael gets Carly to face the facts.

Friday October 21:

GH Recap: Maxie could be doomed and Jason wants to leave town

Grey’s Anatomy recap: Somebody could be pregnant!

Desperate Claudette makes a plea.

Anna is struck by a familiar face.

Dante makes Jordan a promise.

Sam and Jason discuss their future.

Lulu helps her mother prepare for a date with Kevin.

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Valentin returns to Port Charles.

Carly prepares for Morgan’s memorial.

Dante gives Carly Morgan’s necklace, which was found at the explosion site.

Sonny continues his downward spiral.

Alexis blames Julian for Morgan’s death.

Alexis and Sonny have a heart to heart.

Danny learns he’s going to become a big brother.

Curtis and Jordan don’t see eye to eye.

Gunshots ring out.

Week of October 31:

Monday October 31:

The residents of Port Charles celebrate Halloween at the Metro Court hotel.

Franco and Jason clash.

Sonny has a big reaction to one of the Halloween revelers.

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