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Spoilers for the Week of September 05, 2016

09/09/2016 05:43 am

“GH” Soapbox: Paul’s motives have viewers puzzled in an otherwise exciting week

Week of September 5:

Spoiler Video: Hayden holds Liz’s life in her hands

Monday September 5:

Due to the Labor Day holiday, “General Hospital” will air an encore of its March 4 episode where Sonny had Morgan committed.

Tuesday September 6:

GH Recap: Jason and Sam marry, and Sabrina overhears something incriminating

Sabrina learns some surprising news and has her suspicions.

Naomi tries to be supportive of her daughter but isn’t quite so optimistic about her future.

Nina encourages Franco to tell the truth.

Alexis overdoes it.

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Wednesday September 7:

GH Recap: Elizabeth fights for her life and Dillon speaks the truth to Kiki

Liz has an emergency.

Jason makes his feelings towards Franco clear.

Sam receives interesting news from an old friend.

Ava witnesses an incident for which she is culpable.

Sonny has an encounter with Ava that leaves him suspicious of her motives.

Dillon moves on with his life.

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Thursday September 8:

GH Recap: Franco warns Jason to expect the worst and Finn finds new evidence

Curtis makes a crucial discovery that will change the scope of an investigation.

Valerie disapproves of Curtis.

Dante and Lulu receive important information from Robert.

Griffin apologizes to Maxie.

Franco makes an urgent request.

Hayden faces a grim future.

Friday September 9:

GH Recap: Hayden’s cleared as Paul panics over the photo of Liz’ attacker

Franco acts fast to help out a friend in need.

Hayden makes a demand.

New evidence is uncovered.

Carly asks Nelle to be her assistant.

Morgan misses a shift at work and displays erratic behavior.

Dante and Lulu are puzzled by new information they receive.

Duke is not forgotten.

SOD Fall Previews:

The attraction between Dillon and Kiki will surface once again. Little does Kiki know, Ava is the one behind her need to withdraw from Morgan.

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