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Spoilers for the Week of August 29, 2016

09/02/2016 05:41 am

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Week of August 29:

Soapbox: A good dose of mystery and intrigue made the week entertaining

GH Spoiler Video: First look at Jason and Sam’s big day

Monday August 29:

GH Recap: Heather reveals Hayden’s paternity and Liz is in danger

Franco discovers some vital information.

Liz witnesses suspicious behavior.

Hayden confronts Liz.

Finn and Monica walk in on a grim scene.

Paul has some serious questions for Andre.

Ava makes a sobering realization.

Tuesday August 30:

GH Recap: General Hospital loses power as Monica’s life is in danger

Monica and Finn struggle to keep order after the hospital loses power.

Franco makes a pointed observation.

Hayden is at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Nathan and Maxie receive words of advice.

Nina delivers news to Claudette.

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Wednesday August 31:

GH Recap: Ava confronts Paul and Liz wakes up

Monica is saved by the bell.

Griffin comes across an important piece of evidence.

Ava surprises Paul with a request.

Jordan hears a critical accusation.

The pressure on Alexis is taking a toll.

Diane counsels Alexis.

Finn comes to Hayden’s defense.

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Thursday September 1:

GH Recap: Rachel’s arrested and Sonny warns Joe

Jordan makes an arrest.

Joe asks to spend more time with Teddy.

Sonny has a few words for Joe.

Sabrina has an honest conversation with Michael.

Carly is determined to help out Nelle.

Bobbie offers to take care of baby Avery.

Friday September 2:

GH Recap: Jason & Sam’s wedding begins, as Ava publicly calls Nina a kidnapper

Curtis sets up an informal meeting for Nina.

Ava crushes Nina’s greatest dream.

Nina’s emotions get the best of her, prompting an outburst.

Sabrina impresses Monica.

Naomi issues a warning to Franco.

Spinelli returns to Port Charles.

SOD Fall Previews:

A shocking murder occurs.

Ava has an advantage.

Jason makes an emotional plea.

The courtroom erupts in chaos.

Another crisis hits the hospital hard.

Nina urges Franco to tell the truth.

Franco learns a secret about Liz that puts him in the middle of a big reveal. Look for an emergency to draw Liz and Franco closer.

The General Hospital killer is on a timeframe and works to complete their agenda.

Kevin wants another shot to prove himself worthy of Laura.

Finn finds it difficult to fight the attraction between him and Hayden.

Jordan and Andre don’t agree on various cases.

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