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Spoilers for the Week of August 22, 2016

08/26/2016 05:41 am

Week of August 22:

Soapbox: One General Hospital mystery shines while another fails

Monday August 22:

GH Recap: Naomi asks Hayden to leave town, and a package arrives for Nikolas

Carly fires Avery’s nanny.

Nelle steps in to help Carly.

Ava comes up with a sinister plan.

Liz receives a mysterious package.

Naomi takes Rachel to dinner and offers advice.

Laura and Liz discuss Spencer’s future.

Tuesday August 23:

GH Recap: Ava switches Morgan’s meds and Rachel’s diamonds turn up

Morgan and Sonny have a heart to heart.

Nelle helps Sonny and Carly out in a bind.

Ava and Liz make an intriguing discovery.

Liz turns to Franco for support.

Kevin and Laura go on a date.

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Wednesday August 24:

GH Recap: Lulu and Dante get bad news and Liz and Franco get closer

Alexis is caught in an unfavorable position.

Molly attempts to broker peace between her mom and sister.

Naomi receives a troubling call.

Dante and Lulu receive devastating news.

Just In! Emme Rylan’s emergency surgery on a broken nose and how it’ll affect her schedule on GH

Finn and Obrecht have it out.

Announcement: Tika Sumpter (OLTL) pregnant and Thomas Gibson (ATWT) fired

Breaking: Network gives debut date on CMT for Nashville, with Jonathan Jackson

Thursday August 25:

GH Recap: Laura and Kevin’s happiness is short lived after a discovery

Carly and Nelle grow closer.

Jordan and Alexis have a heated conversation.

Andre gives Jordan advice.

Sonny confronts Alexis about her behavior.

Laura’s discovery does not go over well.

Laura confronts Kevin.

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Friday August 26:

GH Recap: Hayden learns Liz has her diamonds, as Robert Scorpio demands answers

Liz grapples with a big decision.

Franco tries to enlist Kevin’s help in getting a job.

Ava worries about the fate of her brother.

Rachel discovers some bad news.

Laura is crystal clear with Rachel.

Mother and daughter begin to make amends.

Coming up:

Paul questions Andre.

Ava realizes something and makes a request of Paul.

Franco is privy to Heather’s secret.

Claudette receives news from Nina.

Maxie gets advice from Felicia.

Hayden slaps Liz after learning she’s in possession of the diamonds. Finn has to break up the catfight, but Hayden becomes a suspect when Liz is later found injured.

Finn defends Hayden.

Someone’s arrested.

Finally, the General Hospital Killer is revealed!

Carly still wants to help Nelle.

Sabrina and Michael have a heart-to-heart.

Diane is there for Alexis.

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– Amy Mistretta


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