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Spoilers for the Week of August 15, 2016

08/19/2016 09:11 am

Week of August 15:

GH Soapbox: A barrage of stories and too many newbies made for a mixed up week.

Monday August 15:

GH Recap: Sam tells Jason she’s pregnant and he does the unexpected

Carly makes an introduction.

Ava witnesses tension between Morgan and Kiki.

Michael learns of surprising information.

Jason receives important news.

Tuesday August 16:

GH Recap: Sam’s malaria results are in and Nina wants Curtis to find her a baby

20 insane on-air soap opera feuds that still make us cringe

Carly urges Nelle to remain in Port Charles.

Dillon rebuffs Ava’s manipulations.

Ava eavesdrops on a private conversation.

Kiki and Dillon find themselves in familiar circumstances.

Nina asks Curtis for help.

A decade of shocking soap opera deaths!

Wednesday August 17:

GH Recap: The DNA results on the skeleton from Cassadine Island are revealed

Alexis prepares for an important hearing.

Molly and Kristina have it out.

Tracy and Laura acknowledge a common bond.

Olivia insists on being heard at the hearing.

Franco and Liz make amends and come to a decision.

Thursday August 18:

GH Recap: Valerie is attacked as she investigates the hospital killer

Maxie and Lulu discuss wedding plans.

Alexis confesses to Sonny.

Valerie makes an important discovery.

Finn seeks out Rachel.

Nina pays Alexis a visit.

Friday August 19:

GH Recap: Maxie accuses Nathan of loving Claudette and Kevin asks Laura out

Confrontations abound and feelings are hurt.

Paul takes Jordan to task.

Jake and Liz have a heart to heart discussion.

Nathan and Maxie make a stunning discovery.

Curtis and Valerie consummate their relationship.

A supportive Franco is there for Liz.

Kevin and Laura acknowledge their feelings for each other.

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