Spoilers for the Week of July 04, 2016

07/08/2016 05:41 am

Week of July 4:

Deconstructing GH: The show throws us a delightful twist in the midst of predictable story lines

GH Promo: The honeymoon is over

Monday July 4:

Due to the holiday an encore of the May 26 episode will air today, where Lucas and Nikolas’ lives are both in danger as the Nurses’ Ball concludes.

Tuesday July 5:

GH Recap: Finn is released and Nathan gets a surprise

Sam and Jason speculate on Nikolas and Ava’s whereabouts.

Laura wonders about Spencer’s odd phone conversation.

Tracy and Rachel’s relationship momentarily thaws.

Finn gets news about his life-saving meds.

Nathan’s ex Claudette appears in Port Charles.

Maxie takes a liking to someone interviewing for a position at Crimson – CJ, who is really Claudette.

Nathan’s presence is requested.

Kiki and Morgan share a close moment.

Liz voices her belief in Franco’s innocence.

Wednesday July 6:

GH Recap: Jason and Sam get trapped on Cassadine Island with Ava and Nikolas

Jason, Sam, Nikolas and Ava find themselves trapped.

Anna urges Alexis to be careful.

Alexis makes a bold move to expose the truth.

Sonny’s frustrated because he’s forced to leave Julian’s fate in someone else’s hands.

Nathan is shocked by what he finds.

Griffin has an uncomfortable conversation with Maxie.

Where are they now? Julie Berman’s (Lulu) Casual renewed, Eva Longoria (Brenda lookalike) honored with Hollywood Walk of Fame star and more!

Thursday July 7:

GH Recap: Julian catches Alexis wearing a wire, and Maxie is onto Claudette

Julian grows suspicious.

Alexis seems successful in evading Julian’s suspicions.

Maxie and Nathan are concerned about Claudette’s true intention for being in Port Charles.

Kristina whispers the wrong name at the wrong time.

Curtis gets a new job.

Friday July 8:

GH Recap: Julian is stabbed

Kristina is on the verge of coming clean with Aaron.

Alexis tries to buy time.

Julian makes a promise and a desperate bid for escape.

Laura and Kevin realize there’s more to Spencer’s phone calls than meets the eye.

Nikolas finds an opportunity to escape.

The mystery of Josslyn’s kidney donor deepens.

This week from Soap Opera Digest:

Claudette knows exactly who Maxie is and makes the trip to Port Charles after hearing about Nathan and Maxie’s engagement.

Nathan thinks he’s meeting Maxie but is stunned and upset to see that Claudette arranged the meeting.

Nathan isn’t buying Claudette’s excuses and lies and demands she leave town.

Summer previews from Soap Opera Digest:

Alexis and Julian make desperate decisions that will affect their lives for good.

Nina takes a good look at her life, which could lead to other romantic possibilities.

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– Amy Mistretta


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