Spoilers for the Week of June 27, 2016

07/01/2016 05:47 am

Deconstructing GH: Franco and Liz have fans talking, while Julian has them reeling

Week of June 27:

Fourth of July spoiler video: Bree Williamson debuts as Claudette

Monday June 27:

GH Recap: Finn tries to save Teddy as Alexis faces danger.

Valerie is forced to make a tough judgment call.

Ava is horrified by her actions.

Sam discovers Alexis’ mountain of trouble.

Julian is reminded of what he has to do.

Finn gives a disturbing diagnosis.

Monica is suspicious of Tracy’s diversionary tactics.

Tuesday June 28:

GH Recap: Sonny thwarts Alexis’ plans to entrap Julian.

Julian imagines doing the unthinkable.

Sonny drops a bombshell on Julian.

Jason gets knocked out.

Ava comes to Nikolas’ aid when needed most.

Kristina has conflicted feelings for Aaron.

Lulu and Dante float the idea of paying a special homage to her brother.

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Wednesday June 29:

GH Recap: Dillon throws himself at Kiki and Julian confront Alexis

Julian makes a surprising demand.

Dillon admits he’s not over Kiki just yet.

Morgan’s reliance on Kiki alarms Sonny.

Maxie worries that bad luck is following her.

Anna learns why Griffin left the priesthood.

Thursday June 30:

GH Recap: Alexis takes a pregnancy test and thrills Julian

Sonny and Anna wonder if Alexis can coax a confession out of Julian.

Morgan requests Dillon back away from Kiki.

Kiki intervenes when tensions get heated between Morgan and Dillon.

Rachel discovers a disturbing connection between Nikolas and her father and vows to help Finn.

Franco and Nina have it out over their failed relationship.

Friday July 1:

GH Recap: Another victim is discovered at General Hospital

Liz has an odd encounter with Dr. Mayes.

Rachel is determined to save Finn’s life.

Alexis comes to an understanding with Anna and reaches out to Julian.

Franco receives a startling offer.

A furious TJ tells Jordan that she can’t defend the reason for keeping her secret.

Week of July 4:

Monday July 4:

Due to the holiday and encore episode will air today, where Lucas and Nikolas’ lives are both in danger as the Nurses’ Ball concludes.

Tuesday July 5:

Nathan’s ex Claudette appears in Port Charles.

Summer previews from Soap Opera Digest:

Valerie is pulled into the hospital mystery.

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– Amy Mistretta


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