Spoilers for the Week of June 13, 2016

06/16/2016 02:16 pm

“All My Children” alum James Patrick Stuart has been cast on General Hospital

Kirsten Storms will be returning to General Hospital as Maxie.

Nick Stabile will temporarily replace Tyler Christopher as Nik and will first appear mid-June

Deconstructing GH: Predictable storylines abounded in an otherwise enjoyable week

Week of June 13:

GH Promo: Three summer mysteries

Monday June 13:

GH Recap: Brad and Lucas marry and Nikolas turns up

Nathan arrives with a warrant.

Julian advises Ava to lie low for a while.

Ava takes a trip.

Spinelli uncovers some vital information.

Naomi covers for Rachel, but what will she ask for in return?

Maxie isn’t sure what she should do about Nathan.

Carly makes an accusation.

Festivities are interrupted.

Tuesday June 14:

GH recap: Ava and someone else find Nikolas on a plane to London

The PCPD’s forensic department goes to work.

Julian has no intention of complying to Alexis’ request.

Jordan accuses Andre of harboring feelings for Anna.

Jason and Sam receive a care package from Sonny.

Ava sees a familiar face.

A mysterious man named Huxley appears in Port Charles.

Emma interferes in Anna’s love life.

Wednesday June 15:

GH Recap: Evidence is found against Finn, and Andre confesses his feelings to Anna

Obrecht finds damaging evidence against Finn.

Liz is haunted by information Carly gives her.

Sonny is there for Dante and Lulu when needed most.

Valerie and the cadets celebrate their graduation from the police academy.

Curtis longs to be a cop again.

Andre confesses his feelings.

Thursday June 16:

GH Recap: TJ learns Shawn is his father

Sam surprises Jason with all the info she gathered.

Jason comes to Sam’s rescue.

Ava fishes for the truth.

Finn refuses to explain anything.

Tracy is furious with Monica for making a tough decision.

Jordan isn’t sure how to process what Andre tells her.

TJ overhears something he shouldn’t.

Molly makes plans for her future.

TJ reappears in Port Charles.

Friday June 17:

GH Recap: Alexis is arrested for Carlos’ murder

Sonny has no sympathy for Julian and warns Alexis about his future.

Nathan makes a shocking arrest.

Nina goes to bat for Julian.

Summer previews from Soap Opera Digest:

Alexis is arrested for Carlos’ murder.

Liz and Franco could turn into something more than friends – and end up sharing a kiss.

Mystery continues to surround Finn.

Ava goes on an adventure with unexpected people.

Kiki’s loyalty to Morgan threatens her relationship with Dillon.

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– Amy Mistretta


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