Spoilers for the Week of April 20, 2015

04/24/2015 12:00 am

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Friday April 17:

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Carly starts to probe into what Hayden may be hiding.

Nikolas learns that Jason’s wedding ring is missing.

Hayden makes her intentions known to someone, while Carly investigates her identity.

Ned admits his feelings to Olivia.

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Week of April 20:

Monday April 20:

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Nathan runs into someone.

Nikolas panics when he discovers Jason’s ring is missing.

Nikolas figures out where the missing ring is located.

Carly suspects Ric might be scamming Jake.

Tuesday April 21:

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Lucy tries to enlist various people to perform at this year’s Nurses Ball.

Nik covers for the reason the missing ring suddenly appeared.

Carly’s scepticism of Hayden grows.

Lucy has a suggestion for Nathan.

Nikolas finds himself in a passionate situation.

Wednesday April 22:

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Jake is not pleased that Spinelli is investigating Hayden.

Spinelli enlists Sam’s help.

Duke orders a hit.

Anna and Patrick update each other on their love lives.

Julian plans a hit.

Sloane pressures Jake to find out what the Jeromes are plotting.

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Thursday April 23:

Read Thursday's GH Recap: Roofied.

Jake asks Julian who he plans to take down.

Jordan tells Anna she wants out of the undercover assignment.

Carly and Spinelli search Hayden’s room for more evidence.

TJ arrives with some unsettling news for Shawn.

Sabrina makes a discovery.

The mob wars heat up and a gunshot goes off.

Friday April 24:

Read Friday's GH Recap: She's Dead.

Morgan and Kiki come clean.

Nathan questions Silas about his business in New York.

Jake arrives home to an upset Hayden.

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