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Spoilers for the Week of January 26, 2015

01/30/2015 12:00 am

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Friday January 23:

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“Fluke” pays a visit to Luke.

Ava awakens from a nightmare, and realizes that someone is cryptically watching over her.

During lunch, Lulu offers Morgan a job, and Kiki and Dante discuss parenthood.

Shawn confronts Jordan about the truth.

Sonny and Julian begin to execute a new strategy.

Nina makes a new friend.

Someone is watching over Ava.

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Week of January 26:

Monday January 26:

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Once Sonny learns the validity of his “Fluke” theory, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

As a result, Dante is worried about the safety and actual whereabouts of Luke.

Franco is stunned to learn about Nina’s new friend.

Shawn updates Sonny on his Fluke theory.

Ava and Julian concoct a new scheme.

Fluke becomes very alarmed when he thinks he is being investigated.

Tuesday January 27:

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Sonny and Julian think they know the identity of their enemy.

Helena calms down a worried Fluke by telling him she has everything they are devising under control.

Johnny unintentionally blurts out something about Luke to Lulu.

Ava receives a visit from Silas.

Dante breaks into the old Spencer house.

Carly accompanies Jake to get help with his memory.

Wednesday January 28:

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In order to get to Nina, Franco suggests a ruse to Sonny and Julian.

Carly realizes that Jake has been lying.

Brad asks Lucas about something he sees in his room.

Helena changes her strategy and has a new assignment for a reluctant Jake.

Ava has some surprising news.

Franco has a proposition for Sonny and Julian.

Fluke catches Dante.

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Thursday January 29:

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Franco, Julian, Sonny and Ava form a dubious alliance.

Brad makes a confession to Lucas.

Brad and Lucas share a personal moment that is quickly interrupted when Sam and Patrick arrive to escort them to the clinic party at the Haunted Star.

Jake prepares for his next assignment at the party.

Michael and Tracy make amends and discuss her history with Bill Eckert.

Carly opens up about her suspicions about Jake.

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Friday January 30:

Helena tries to keep Nikolas from the party.

Worried about their loved ones, Franco, Julian, Sonny and Ava move forward with their plan.

Sam and Patrick are surprised by Carly’s actions.

Nina realizes she is in danger.

Dante makes a shocking discovery about Luke.

A party begins that could lead to catastrophe.

GH's Valentine's Day spoilers!

SOD Sweeps!

Head Writer Ron Varlivati says, "There will be blood."

Fluke is plotting to wipe out half the town at the Haunted Star party. He's starting to crack and Tracy finds it impossible to gloss over.

A lot of revelations occur.

The discussion of Bobbie and Luke's sister Pat is important.

Sonny does something desperate to save Michael and confront Fluke.

Helena tasks Jake with planting the bomb on the boat. This has massive repercussions for Port Charles residents.

Helena's control over Jake/Jason is cracking.

Sam gets closer to finding out that Jake's Jason.

Carly is pulled between Jason and Sonny.

Things shake up with Nathan and Maxie.

We could see Alex drawn into Julian's situation again.

Franco makes a big sacrifice for Nina.

Someone's gunning for Ava.

Anna may not get her job back but she gets 'new toys' that puts her head-to-head with Sloan. Anna's now prepared to take the police down. Duke remains a complication in that.

Shawn senses that Jordan's actions don't always add up as a loyal mobster. This plays into Anna's story.

Johnny's not staying for good. His visit will leave an impact on PC residents.

Nik is willing to accept the power and go along with Helena's plan to take over ELQ.

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