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Spoilers for the Week of January 19, 2015

01/22/2015 12:00 am

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Friday January 16:

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Julian points out to Sonny that Shawn must be careful or their sons will pay the price.

Shawn spies on “Fluke” at the house, while “Fluke” senses there might be an intruder in the house.

Elizabeth interrupts Jake as he prepares to carry out Helena’s latest task.

Sam and Patrick prepare for their romantic date, unaware that someone else is there.

Dante walks-in on Johnny and Lulu.

Friday’s “GH” Rant – Dustin was having flashbacks to “Passions” this week. Read the General Hospital Rundown to see who he thinks Fluke might actually be.

Week of January 19:

Monday January 19:

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Jake’s mission is interrupted by a surprise visitor.

Patrick and Sam’s romantic evening could lead to peril.

Dante and Lulu argue over her business relationship with Johnny.

Sonny and Julian learn who is working with Fluke.

Sonny and Julian discover who owns the Spencer childhood home.

Tuesday January 20:

Read Tuesday’s GH Recap: Complicated.

Jake’s memory is triggered.

Helena wonders why she has not heard from Jake.

Sonny has a theory about “Fluke.”

Nikolas questions Luke about the recent change in him.

Lulu laments to Olivia about her argument with Dante.

Johnny runs into Maxie.

Wednesday January 21:

Read Wednesday’s GH Recap: The Dragon and the Phoenix.

Sam has a perplexing discovery.

Jake has very little memory of the previous night’s happenings.

Shawn receives a restraining order that hinders his “Fluke” investigation.

Sonny receives a threatening call from “Fluke” about Julian and Sonny’s sons.

Sonny tries to get a warning to Michael, while Fluke threatens both Sonny and Julian.

Thursday January 22:

Read Thursday’s GH Recap: Keys To The Coffee Kingdom.

Sonny turns the tables on “Fluke” by sharing with him his theory about his real identity.

“Fluke” invites Lucas and Michael to the Spencer house.

Alexis senses something is amiss with Sam.

Carly comes across something suspicious in Jake’s things.

Shawn carries out Sonny’s request.

Fluke has a surprise for Michael and Lucas.

Friday January 23:

Read today’s GH Recap: A mom like Heather.

“Fluke” pays a visit to Luke.

Ava awakens from a nightmare, and realizes that someone is cryptically watching over her.

During lunch, Lulu offers Morgan a job, and Kiki and Dante discuss parenthood.

Shawn confronts Jordan about the truth.

Sonny and Julian begin to execute a new strategy.

Nina makes a new friend.

Someone is watching over Ava.

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