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Spoilers for the Week of January 27, 2014

01/31/2014 12:00 am

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Friday January 24:

GH Recap: A Matter Of Perception.

A beleaguered Scott explains to Lucy about Franco’s arrest.

Scott gets a stern warning.

An armed Julian corners Duke.

Someone from Silas’s past spills key information.

A flattered Brad must balance his busy love life.

Week of January 27:

Monday January 27:

GH Recap: Keep Up Pretenses.

Ava offers Morgan a gun for protection.

Olivia asks Sonny what he’s going to do about Morgan’s betrayal.

Nathan has just 48 hours to find more evidence against Silas.

Lucy’s secret weighs upon Felicia.

Julian relays shocking news to Anna.

Tuesday January 28:

GH Recap: Going To Get Messy.

Sonny confronts Morgan. The only way Sonny can protect Morgan is to vow he will break up with Ava.

The Jeromes start to turn on one another as tensions mount.

Rafe admits his reason why he ratted out TJ to Anna.

Anna blindsides Duke.

Lulu tells Nathan she’s left Dante.

Julian pressures Ava about Silas.

Wednesday January 29:

GH Recap: Preaching To The Choir.

Robert consoles an emotional Anna when she tells him the truth about Duke.

Julian tells Alexis he wants to be a part of Sam and Lucas’s life.

Kevin’s patient, guest star Chandra Wilson from Grey’s Anatomy, sees an unfamiliar nurse and asks why he is in her doctor’s office.

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Thursday January 30:

GH Recap: This Is Disrepectful.

Robert bids farewell to his family and Port Charles.

Carly tries to use kidnapper Heather to her advantage.

The jailed Franco and Silas compare notes. Both think they were framed.

Kiki visits the Miscavige Institute.

Friday January 31:

GH Recap: Man Of Wealth And Taste.

Tracy demands that Anna open a missing person’s case on Luke.

Franco has a disturbing memory when Anna and Dante show him Heather’s knife.

A suspicious character escorts Kiki at the Miscavige Institute.

Victor Cassadine, Thaao Penghlis, returns to Port Charles with scandalous news.

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