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Spoilers for the Week of January 20, 2014

01/23/2014 12:00 am

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Week of January 13:

Thursday January 16:

GH Recap: A Masterful Job.

Heather nears the finish line in the run to complete her masterful plan.

Ava learns of Julian’s long-last child.

The PCPD needs a missing piece of evidence before they can solve Carly’s disappearance.

Franco is eager for Sonny to know that he’s been framed and would never hurt Carly.

Friday January 17:

GH Recap: Confront The Beast.

Lucas comes home to Port Charles to support Bobbie.

Scott is in a predicament over having to issue a warrant for Franco’s arrest.

Sam needs to put her conflicted feelings aside in order to investigate what happened to Carly.

Tracy puts Luke in charge of the raccoon infestation in the boathouse.

Week of January 20:

Revenge recap: Hatred.

Monday January 20:

GH Recap: Three Completely Unsuitable Men.

Luke is flabbergasted by what he finds at the boathouse.

A new Chief of Staff is announced.

Felix apologizes to Sabrina.

Tuesday January 21:

GH Recap: A Case Of The Cooties.

In a desperate bid for freedom, Carly attacks Heather, just as the young Emma, Spencer and Cameron arrive at the stables for a playdate.

The passed over doctors are rocked over the revelation of General Hospital’s new Chief of Staff.

Kiki confronts Franco about the knife and bloody fingerprints.

Wednesday January 22:

GH Recap: Girl Power.

Franco remains perplexed over who could be framing him but Kiki thinks she might know.

When Spencer, Cameron and Emma hear cries of help emanating from inside the stables, they find the lone Heather who tells the kids a monstrous lie as to why she’s there.

Britt urges Lulu to save her marriage.

Another opportunity presents itself for Carly to be saved.

Lulu and Dante share a bittersweet moment.

Finola Hughes told TVline a little about what's coming up with Anna: "Anna and Duke are about to be at odds, because he’s gone and taken up with Sonny — and I think Anna will find out pretty soon." She also shared, "A new person is taking over the hospital and it’s really going to shock the town — and I don’t think Anna will be happy with it at all." Meanwhile, Kimberly McCullough’s latest stint as Robin looks like it will only last "maybe a few more weeks," Hughes supplied.

Thursday January 23:

GH Recap: Your Little Cub.

While Anna tells Nathan he’s running on borrowed time regarding Silas’s case, Sam does her own investigating by seeking out someone who might know how Silas’s wife was put into a coma.

Morgan overhears valuable information about the next strike against Julian and although reluctant, he spills those beans to Julian and Ava.

Nathan’s running on borrowed time regarding Silas’s case.

Brad gets asked out on a date.

Duke’s mysterious whereabouts pique Anna’s interest.

Friday January 24:

A beleaguered Scott explains to Lucy about Franco’s arrest.

Scott gets a stern warning.

An armed Julian corners Duke.

Someone from Silas’s past spills key information.

A flattered Brad must balance his busy love life.

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- Violette DeSantis/Christine Fix


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