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Spoilers for the Week of January 06, 2014

01/10/2014 12:00 am

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Week of December 30:

Thursday January 2:

GH Recap: You May Kiss The Bride.

There are new beginnings in sight amidst Port Charles’ New Year’s celebrations.

Someone learns something that leaves them in despair.

Detective Nathan West meets Maxie upon his arrival to Port Charles.

Sabrina makes a vow.

Friday January 3:

GH Recap: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide.

A confrontation between Sonny and a warehouse shooter occurs.

Rafe hasn’t given up on Molly and tries to gain her affections.

Julian considers Morgan’s loyalties.

Nathan continues to pressure Silas.

Week of January 6:

Monday January 6:

GH Recap: Gentler, Newer, Non-Homicidal.

Morgan has different plans than Julian and wants out of the business.

Heather surprises Franco by joining him for lunch.

Carly comes to Franco’s defense again, this time with Michael.

Molly may have something to tell Sam about Rafe.

Tuesday January 7:

GH Recap: Not A People Person.

A mental patient is on the loose in Port Charles.

Sam fields questions from Det. Nathan West about Silas.

Franco threatens someone else.

Anna learns the truth about the warehouse shooting and confronts someone.

Wednesday January 8:

GH Recap: Besties Times Infinity.

Franco’s worried when he can’t find Carly.

Another diabolical master plan of Heather’s is put into action.

Sam’s shocked by Silas’ revelation.

Morgan’s attempt to be a mole for Julian could have serious consequences.

Thursday January 9:

GH Recap: You’re Alone Now.

Michael is suspicious of Franco when Carly disappears.

Sabrina discusses her future with Carlos.

Carly’s forced to do Heather’s bidding.

Carlos still wants to be in Sabrina’s life.

Friday January 10:

Sonny’s skeptical when he finds Morgan with Ava.

Patrick and Robin are overwhelmed by some surprising news.

Franco and Kiki become suspicious of Ava in relation to Carly’s disappearance.

Felix makes a big reveal.

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– Violette DeSantis


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