Deconstructing GH: Margaux Finally Became a Tad Interesting

November 6 - 10:

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Following the brutal murder of Mary Pat there didn’t seem to be the fear and panic from the citizens of Port Charles one might expect with such a savage killer in their midst. Then again half of the town is or has been connected to the mob, so maybe they are used to it.

The predictable Sasha reveal

Last week’s Deconstructing GH detailed reasons to enjoy Ryan’s storyline, so I did not get to comment on some of the other developments. The reveal that Sasha is a fraud, and Valentin is behind her posing as Nina’s daughter was pretty predictable. Some viewers are hopeful this means Kiki is still in the running to be Nina’s daughter, but seeing that Ava is using Sasha, who she thinks is Kiki’s sister in her revenge plot, I don’t see this as likely. My money is on Willow, who told Michael he was lucky to have a family to lean on. Willow attending the grief meetings could mean her adoptive mother died, though another popular theory is she is Wiley’s birth mother. Why not both?

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Sonny drops a bomb

After dancing around Margaux for an entire episode, Sonny finally dropped the bomb that her mother was Scully’s lover and instrumental in orchestrating the hit on her father. I excepted more to come from this, but it was several days before they returned to this story. Margaux teaming up with Sonny to expose her mother’s part in her father’s death has been the most interesting thing the character has done since joining the show. I had thought I would enjoy seeing her world implode when she found out her parents were not who she always believed them to be, but I didn’t. I actually felt sorry for her, and the hangover coming her way. Now can she please give Drew the damn flash drive?

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The Britch is back!

I was thrilled to see Britt return and her reunion with Brad, even if Brad is currently a blubbering mess over the guilt he feels for taking Michael’s son. Britt has enough of her own issues to deal with and this is the last scheme she needs to get involved in. I also don’t like the idea that Britt’s freedom rests on putting Obrecht away. I just adore both of these characters and the twisted comedy they bring to the show so I don’t want to see either in jail.

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Like father like son

Spencer and Laura, as well as Spencer and Britt, reflected on Nicholas on his birthday. Spencer also took a page out of his dad’s playbook and sabotaged the mayor election, though his hope seemed to be to give his grandmother enough time to gain more support and win the election. Still, when the truth comes out it’s only going to hurt Laura. Also, Election Day is over! No more politics, please! Even on the soap.

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The patient at Ferncliff

With the change of staff at Ferncliff, and Laura and others cracking down on the violations in patient care, it boggles me that Kevin is still there and nobody is asking questions. With the coverage of the anniversary of Ryan’s murders, and the fact that everyone thinks he’s dead, why isn’t any of the staff questioning who they think is Kevin secretly treating his obviously not dead serial killer twin? Only on a soap! Likewise, how is Curtis, who is engaged to the PCPD commissioner, able to go undercover as much as he does and not be noticed? The same with Sam, who was not long ago the head of a local media company?

The Trick-or-Treat killer

The cops have turned to Franco to try and get into the mind of a serial killer, which obviously is going to just cause drama between him and Liz. I don’t think their wedding will ever happen at this point. Now thanks to Ryan placing strands of Carly’s hair in Mary Pat’s hands, all eyes are on Carly. It would be an interesting twist to see Franco and Carly forced to work together to solve this mystery, and it would really cause some juicy friction with Jason. All I know is I am eager to see who Ryan’s next victim will be, and after Friday’s episode, Ava appears to have just replaced Felicia as his newest obsession.

Does Port Charles now have a cult?

It seems Oscar isn’t Daisy’s only roommate, she has several. She’s also into some type of holistic healing, which she used to make Oscar’s brain tumor pain magically disappear, and she gave Kristina a book to read about the new dawn that she claims will change her life. Oh brother, just what the town needs on top of a serial killer and the mob, a cult!

As usual, these are only my thoughts on GH. Please feel free to comment with your own.


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