Deconstructing GH: Marino’s Murder & Margaux’s Vendetta Going Nowhere

October 15 - 19:

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It was a busy week in Port Charles. There was the film festival, Laura seemed to be everywhere, and the offices at the Metro Court were hopping with visitors.

So long Nelle, again

After Nelle didn’t contest the charges against her she was sent off with the maximum sentence possible. Many viewers weren’t sad to see her go and glad to be given a break from her craziness. Of course, she dropped cryptic hints to Michael that they’d always be connected, and to Brad that she’d always be bonded to Wiley. As I ranted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, we probably won’t hear much of the baby swap for a while. GH tends to start stories and then leave them hanging for weeks on end.

The day we knew would come

Margaux finally told Drew about the drive and tempted him with the return of his memories, in exchange for helping put Sonny away. Fortunately, he said no, realizing to do so would ruin almost all of his relationships in town. However, Margaux is counting on him changing his mind at some point. The writers have already turned Drew’s life upside down, and this would just destroy him as a character. They’ve also added the twist the drive could erase the memories of his last five years, making his character utterly pointless. This entire story feels pointless, because GH is never going to take down Sonny for good. Some are hoping Drew and Jason will team up to take on Dawson. I’ve long wanted to see Drew and Jason try to mend fences.

Fake teen romances

Thanks to a visit from Spencer, Joss decided to fight back against Oscar and his fake girlfriend by making Cam her fake boyfriend. To make matters worse, now it seems like Spencer has moved on from his infatuation with Emma and has feelings for Joss. I’d like to have fake memories implanted in me so I could forget this storyline!

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Stagnant serial killer

Spencer came home to Port Charles, but so far he hasn’t noticed anything is up with “Kevin.” I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before he does. Laura has, and it will eventually mean danger for her. However, this story still isn’t going anywhere. Ryan seems more infatuated with Ava than anything else. This serial killer story is a snooze so far! Jon Lindstrom’s acting has been phenomenal though.

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Oscar’s Illness

The scenes with Drew finally turning to Sam, and Jason checking on Monica were touching. It’s always great to see Monica interacting with both Jason and Drew, and using Monica more in this storyline would definitely be a boon. Kim’s talk with Bobbie, who brought up BJ, was also a nice nod to the show’s history. Oscar turning to Alexis for legal advice could prove interesting, and Julian finally has clued in on the fact that Oscar is sick. I think we are now at half of the town knowing Oscar’s secret!

The most eligible bachelor in Port Charles

Peter has gone from town pariah to a possible future contender on ABC’s The Bachelor. A lonely Lulu is getting a little too close to her boss, which isn’t sitting well with her BFF Maxie. It took these two months to repair their friendship, which still isn’t back to where it was, only for Peter to come between them again. I’m rolling my eyes hard at the thought of a triangle between these three. None of the women are really in a place to be pursuing a new romance.

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Sashay Sasha stays

Sasha was about to flee town without so much as a goodbye to Nina, until Valentin stopped her and his eloquent speech about how loving and giving Nina is moved Sasha to stay. Oh please! I’m not buying any of this and am waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding Sasha.

What’s eating Aiden

Liz and Franco’s meeting with Aiden’s teacher led to more questions than answers. While the Princess Calista of Everwood pencil snafu had many questioning if Aiden was possibly gay or transgender, it’s starting to sound like he may be battling depression. Though many might scoff at a child of his age dealing with the disease, it does happen. I’d rather be watching much more of this story than Oscar’s illness. It’s timely and relevant.

Sam does her job!

On Friday, Sam surprised viewers, Sonny and Jason by actually doing her job as a PI and dug up some dirt on Margaux’s parents. Margaux’s dad wasn’t the only one in bed with Scully, her mom was literally sleeping with the dude. Finally a scene in this whole convoluted story I’m looking forward to, the look on Margaux’s face when she learns this!

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