Deconstructing GH: Finn’s Daddy and Step-Mom Issues Are a Snooze

October 8 - 12

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The week was heavily dominated by teen love, more mentions of Morgan, and storylines that don’t seem to be moving anywhere. Friday saw the return of Nelle to shake things up a bit.

We shall never forget

Another year and another memorial to the passing of Saint Morgan. At this point, I guess we should expect this occasion to be marked every year going forward until Morgan turns up alive and surprises his family. The DA having her father interred next to Morgan was a low blow, even though Morgan actually isn’t in the ground because his body was never found. Margaux seems to be completely unhinged, not at all professional and is quickly on her way to becoming the new Nelle. Carly defending Sonny as a good man, after Margaux called him a cold-hearted killer, was hilarious. How Carly constantly defends the actions of her family, while scolding everyone else, always amazes me.

The damn flash drive

Margaux continued her “I wanna be unlikable” tour of Port Charles by finally revealing to Drew she has the missing flash drive, but will only give it to him in return for his help bringing Sonny down. I’m glad Drew said what she was doing was criminal, though she defended her actions and tried to call it a trade rather than blackmail. That sounds like a semantic Sonnyesque explanation for her illegal actions if I ever heard one! At this point, I’d be behind Sonny for once doing what mobsters do best and dump Margaux in the foundation of Charlie’s pub.

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Teen drama

Oscar and Joss’ break up dominated a good chunk of the week, and was about as boring as watching paint dry. It’s too bad Cam just doesn’t out Oscar’s secret and spare us from Joss and Oscar’s whining.

Disconnected storylines

Months after Alexis obtained her mother’s watch and showed some interest in looking into her Cassadine roots, the story was magically resurrected this week. Her watch froze at 10:10, which is the time it was frozen on when she first received it and had it repaired. It’s likely the time of her mother’s death, but this could be a good story. Of course, they have to let it play out, and not sideline it again for a few weeks or months in order to focus on other stories.

Finn’s storyline involving his father suffers the same issue. They revive it every few weeks, but it’s going nowhere. They have sprinkled hints of tension between Finn and his father over his father’s quick rebound from the death of his first wife to marry his second, but they’ve given us nothing more than that. Plus, the storyline is just dull. How many times can we watch the same discussion about Finn’s anger towards this woman, but the writers won’t tell us what the real issue is? Viewers on Twitter sounded off on this as well.

Sam still needs more time

After Jason and Sam’s moment of passion was predictably interrupted, Sam realized she still needed more time and was not ready to jump back into things with Jason. Hopefully, she’ll decide who, or what, she wants by the New Year. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if this year she found herself with Drew accidentally at the stroke of midnight, just to play on last year’s New Year’s snafu with Jason.

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One unread voicemail

I thought Nina contacting her daughter for the first time and leaving her a voicemail, and then fretting over that decision, was a nice nod to the world we live in and was very relatable. I know I’ve regretting an email or text about something which likely could have been handled in a much more personal manner. Nina finally met Sasha, and it definitely could have gone better. Nina completely became overzealous, as always, and offered to take a girl she just met to Paris for mother-daughter bonding. Nina was hurt when Sasha wasn’t even sure she wanted a relationship with her, but agreed to get to know her. As I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH: Sasha is too good to be true. That girl is not Nina’s daughter, though some viewers are hoping she is. At least they aren’t writing it as a perfect fairytale reunion.

She’s back

The witch is back, and hopefully, Michael, Carly and Chase’s testimony will send Nelle off to the slammer for a while. Nelle’s return has jump-started the baby swap storyline, which has been on the backburner for a few weeks. Before the trial, Brad strolled by with Wiley, tried to run, but Nelle saw him and called out to him. This right after she teased Michael she had a bomb to drop on him. Obviously, it’s too much to wish for that the truth will come out in her trial. Unfortunately, just as with Finn and Alexis’ storylines, the writers neglect in keeping these front and center, which makes it hard to become invested in them. Chloe Lanier is only back for a short run, so who knows when they will return to this baby swap storyline after she exits again.

As always, these are just my humble opinions on the show. Please comment with your own.


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