Deconstructing GH: Predictable Plot Points Made for a Dull Week

September 17 - 21:

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While not a dull week in Port Charles, it did seem to play out predictably, one plot point at a time, from baby Wiley’s illness to yet more people in town learning about Oscar. The Ava, Kiki and Griffin story was one of the biggest drags of the week because there are only so many times we can watch Ava and Kiki slap one another. By Friday the case of the body in the basement was cracked wide open.

Zeroing in on Mike

Mike using his disease to fake Margaux out when she began to suspect he knew more about the body in the pub than he was letting on was a brilliant move. The looks on Carly and Sonny’s face after they realized what he had done were hilarious. Dawson and Jordan are getting close to the truth, and now know the body is Margaux’s dear old dad. Most readers are placing their bets that Mike will take the fall for Sonny, and more than likely due to his disease he won’t face jail time but will be remanded to a care facility. Related to Dawson’s vendetta, let’s get back to that business of the flash drive with Drew’s memories on it. When it comes out that Oscar is dying, and we all know that will be soon, will Margaux continue to be so heartless as to keep it from Drew?

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Poor Oscar

Speaking of Oscar, I called it in last week’s Deconstructing GH, everyone will know Oscar’s sick before he does. Thanks to Franco accidentally leaving his computer screen on, and Cam spying on a call he made to Drew, he now knows Oscar is sick. Surprisingly Cam assumed Oscar knew and was keeping it from Joss and confronted him, accidentally outing the secret. At least Oscar will find out the truth and viewers will be spared from having this secret dragged out longer than it could have been.


Watching Drew push Sam away when she offered him a shoulder to lean on was heartbreaking, but the smart thing to do. He has enough with Oscar’s illness, and he doesn’t need to open himself up to have his heart broken by Sam again. On the other hand, this storyline should be used to bring some closure to the Drew/Sam/Jason saga, which has been stagnant for over a year now. Sam has had enough time to find and define herself without a man in her life. While she has a long past and history with Jason, what Drew is going through with Oscar is reminding her of what she went through with Danny, and could serve to bring them back together. Time will tell, but it’s time to make a choice Sam!


The public catfight between Ava and Kiki at Charlie’s was entertaining, only because they had an audience. The smirk on Alexis’ face was priceless. Ava calling the Catholic church to have Griffin barred from confession and the sacraments was ridiculous. What has he really done recently that was any worse than the things he’s done in the past to cause this action now? Also, shouldn’t most of Port Charles be banned from these rites as well? This plot point was just another boring turn in the saga of Kiki and Griffin’s inevitable hooking up story, which we know is coming now that they’re neighbors. Ava and Kiki washing their hands of one another just seems to be another hint that Kiki could turn out to be Nina’s long-lost daughter.

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There’s something about Kevin asked readers on Twitter how they were liking the Kevin/Ryan swap storyline, and they were split. Some are finding it boring, while others are hopeful or enjoying it. I’m finding Jon Lindstrom’s performance as he discovers all that’s happened in Ryan’s absence fun. His reaction to Lucy “Drinking from the poisoned well of Scotty Baldwin” once again was a great line, though I already know hearing characters comment, “there’s something off with Kevin” will get old fast. Still, I look forward to Ryan and Felicia’s inevitable meeting, and the use of some of the vets in this storyline.

The new girl in town

I’ve long said Curtis should be running the PCPD, because he’s the only one who seems to get things done in Port Charles. He tracked down Sasha Gilmore (played by Sofia Mattsson), who he suspects is Nina’s daughter in record time. Now it would be shocking if she turned out to be Nina’s kid, but the resemblance to Britt was uncanny. Even if she isn’t Nina’s, the fact that Curtis suspects she’s adopted, and Sasha didn’t know, could set up the storyline that she’s someone else’s child in Port Charles.

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Who didn’t see this coming

Oh wow, Michael feels very paternal while holding baby Wiley. Oh no, baby Wiley has a heart condition, the same one Michael and his father AJ had. Honestly, who didn’t see these plot points coming? As I blogged about before, these “reveals” are exactly why I dislike baby swap storylines. They are predictable. The only shock coming here will be when everyone learns Nelle was the original mastermind.

Daddy dearest

After months since we first saw him, Finn and Chase’s father George resurfaced on our televisions and naturally has a mysterious ailment that only Dr. Finn can treat. The weeks, and sometimes months, between starting a plot and then resuming it is annoying to this viewer. At least they didn’t drop it completely, like they have with so many stories in the past. Where is that Rosalie?

These are only my thoughts on the week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments.


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