Deconstructing GH: Crazy Twins & Mystery Cassadines Drive Nostalgia

August 20 - 24:

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The beginning of the week was somber, what with Jonah’s funeral. The Kevin and Ryan story deepened, and Margaux may have more secrets. With GH pre-empted much of next week, it seems the show packed as much as they could into this one.

A nice funeral for Wiley

There was a nice turnout for baby Jonah’s funeral, aka the real Wiley. It was great to see Diane and Max attend, though baffling given Alexis claimed she couldn’t because of a legal meeting, which as it turned out Diane was the opposing counsel. Drew’s absence seemed surprising too, especially since he’s been there for Michael the past few weeks. The tiny little coffin shown during the services was simply heartbreaking.

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Well this is sure to get worse

Brad finally came clean, partially, with Julian about the baby switch. Julian thinks Wiley’s mother was some random stranger Brad met along the side of the road. That’s a point that most sensible people would question, but this is a soap. I am annoyed with this storyline, for many reasons, but a big one is because Julian has worked hard in redeeming himself. This will eventually blow up his relationships with Kim, Lucas, and even the strides he’s made with Alexis. He doesn’t have to worry about Sam, she still hates his guts.

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The mystery mama

The mother of Wiley is someone fans are already speculating about. A popular theory is that it is Kristina, and that is why she’s really back in town and may be at the core of the drama between her and Parker. However seeing Julian called the mother on the phone, it would seem to rule out Kristina. Hayden has been thrown out there, but that would require a 12+ month pregnancy, though time on a soap is irrelevant. Nurse Francesca, having Bensch’s kid, would be a really shocking twist. Hiding that at work would be tough though unless she was always carrying around a big purse or potted plant like actresses do when they need to hide a real-life pregnancy. I polled Twitter and most feel it is some unknown random person. On a soap, that would probably be the most unexpected outcome, because writers love to pit families and characters against one another in these situations.

Drew knows best

It is good to see that Drew already knows Margaux has an angle that not only involves nailing Sonny, but a secret that goes deeper. Between Kim thinking she recognized Margaux from somewhere, and Curtis learning she was an assistant DA in Oakland, CA, she must have a connection to Drew in the past. It was annoying to have Jason once again act like Drew was clueless as to Margaux’s motives, and claim to Carly just because Drew has the memories of his experience and skills it doesn’t mean he knows how to use them. Maybe someone should remind Jason he did a pretty good job while Jason was gone, and he also has those Navy Seal instincts. By Friday Drew’s instincts led him straight to the flash drive in Margaux’s room.

Good riddance to Dr. Rubbish

With Bensch fired, it would be nice if that was the end of him, but bad pennies always seem to turn back up.

Nina’s kid finally surfaces… kind of

After two-plus years we have confirmation from Madeline that Nina had a daughter and arranged an illegal adoption. As I noted in last week’s Deconstructing GH, many believe Kiki is Nina’s child, but seeing that theory has been around for so long, part of me would like them to ditch it and bring in someone else. As long as Nina didn’t spawn Nelle… That character needs no extra reasons to return! Now if her daughter turned out to be Francesca, who was also Wiley’s mom, that would be a triple soapy twist.

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Twin docs

It was a nice surprise after last Friday’s reveal of the two Kevins that the show didn’t take three or more weeks to return to this storyline, which tends to be how GH works. The head writers are doing a good job at keeping viewers guessing as to which is Ryan and which is Kevin, though it really looks like Kevin is the patient. I’m eager to find out how Kevin, or Ryan, managed to pull this off and keep Ryan’s resurrection on the down-low. Especially seeing how much Mary Pat hated Dr. Collins. She could have used this to get the upper hand on him, but never did. That point bothers me. Maybe she still will out the two Kevins, especially now that she’s been fired.

Angsty teens

While it was great to see all three of Liz’s kids on at the same time, a rarity, troublesome Cam is getting on my nerves. Given his verbal tussle with Franco, my money is on him setting his sights on sabotaging his mother’s wedding.

That ring

Friday’s cliffhanger had Cassandra being abducted by a mysterious man in a limo brandishing a Cassadine ring. I’ve been waiting for the return of another Cassadine for a while now, and it seems to be happening. Hopefully, this isn’t a fakeout and the man turns out to be Valentin.

These are only my opinions on the current storylines. Agree or disagree, leave your own thoughts in the comments.


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