Deconstructing GH: Nelle’s Downfall Came at a Price, the Baby Switch

July 30 - August 3:

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Carly was finally out of Ferncliff, and Michael dropped a bomb on Nelle, which were the high points of the week. The rest was exciting, but frustrating at the same time, because the baby swap viewers had been expecting for months finally came to fruition. I noted this in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Brad and Lucas’ adoption was destined to go wrong.

Run for the border.
Jason saved Carly in the nick of time from Dr. Lazarus and his ECT. I was thrilled to see Franco waited around to help them get out of there but am not expecting this to change anything between them. Unfortunately, Jason and Carly are flirting with running to Canada for three months until she can be cleared, though Jason may have found a way around that. Once again though Jason is putting Carly above Sam and the children he has been trying to build relationships with. If the head writers are going to pair Jason and Sam again, at least start making him put their family above Sonny and Carly’s. I get that Sonny and Carly are Jason’s family too, but he needs to put his children first, along with Sam if that’s who he wants to be with.

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No good DA.
It didn’t take long for DA Margaux Dawson to show her true colors. She has the flash drive with all of Drew’s memories and knows he has Jason’s memories, which means she’s likely going after Sonny. Especially after all her remarks about being well versed in the crime families of Port Charles and wondering how many of Jason’s memories he has. If she blackmails Drew with the drive then she’s a criminal, but I’m sure she’ll justify her actions just as every lawbreaker in Port Charles does. It will be for the greater good and yadda yadda. She seems very naïve if she thinks she can take on Sonny. Hopefully, the writers are planning a twist here instead of this predictable scenario. Maybe she’s not after Sonny, but after something else Jason knows? Surprise us writers, please!

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Baby switch!
The storyline almost every viewer was expecting has finally arrived, the baby switch! When Nelle and Maxie both became pregnant at the same time, many thought she’d steal Maxie’s child. Then Brad and Lucas’ adoption was thrown into a mix. I will give props for a different twist on the normal soap baby switch storyline. It was the baby’s mama Nelle who suggested the switch to help out her only friend in Port Charles, Brad, whose adopted baby died in his sleep on the day he got him. Of course, this plan of Nelle’s also screws Michael and Carly, an added bonus for her. Still, it’s 2018, baby switches are so 1990s. Everyone has easy access to at-home-DNA tests now, so these plot points need to end. Then there is the fact that we’ve heard ad nauseam that the birth mother has 30 days to change her mind, which she obviously will, leading her to take Michael’s child. Will Brad fess up, or will the child have to predictably come down with a horrible disease for the truth to come out? Some viewers are speculating that in the end the baby somehow won’t end up being Michael’s, which means Nelle had to mess with the DNA tests. That would be a double blow to Michael, who already thinks his baby is dead, to only later learn it was never his in the first place.

Aside from the issue that this is an overused soap plot, the fact that they are screwing Brad and Lucas is upsetting. They are the first gay couple to actively plan a family on daytime. Days of our Lives’ Sonny and Will didn’t exactly plan to have Arianna, that was a happy accident of Will denying his sexuality. But Brad and Lucas wanted this, and it will inevitably tear them apart seeing Lucas was just gushing to Sam how Brad has really changed his ways.

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So long Nelle.
Michael revealing to Nelle that Ned signed their marriage certificate with disappearing ink was a twist many viewers were also expecting. Still, the reveal was great, as was Michael, who laid out how he had been setting her up all along. Watching her reaction to how well Michael manipulated her was amazing. Nelle’s escape out the hospital window was another example of the failings of the PCPD, but Joss catching up to her on the docks and giving Nelle a long overdue beatdown was epic. There was something so right about having Joss, the one person who always gave Nelle the benefit of the doubt, helping to bring her in. Even in custody Nelle is spinning lies and trying to dig her way out. I say hand her off to Dr. Lazarus at Ferncliff.

One through five.
Peter’s revelation to Robert that he won’t be going to Steinbower because he has valuable information on the patients 1 through 5 that came before Jason was a great Friday cliffhanger. It’s long been a question among viewers as to who the first five violent and psychotic patients at the clinic were, and now we may find out. Here’s hoping there aren’t five more Jasons out there though.

These are only my thoughts on this week’s episodes. Please leave your own in the comments, whether you agree or disagree.


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