Deconstructing GH: Viewers Excited About a Drew and Margaux Pairing

July 16 - 20:

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Fortunately, this week seemed to set in motion the end games for Nelle’s storyline and Peter’s kidnapping. Carly, on the other hand, is looking at a lengthy stay in Ferncliff.

Wedding crasher.
Carly crashing the wedding, and the snicker on Bobbie’s face when she did so, was a great scene. Sonny trying to plead with Chase to look the other way and he’d just return his wife to the asylum was typical Sonny. While it would have been amazing if Carly could have stopped the wedding with proof exposing Nelle for framing her, this whole plot point is obviously to keep Carly in Ferncliff longer than necessary. After all, if she’s not in there, we won’t find out who the person in the cell next to her is. We also need to see Mary Pat be made to pay because she gets too much pleasure out of torturing Carly. She was also far too thrilled about Dr. Lazarus’ unorthodox plans for Carly, which likely means shock therapy.

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This likely won’t end well.
Sonny reiterated my own thoughts in last week’s Deconstructing GH, Michael’s plan for Nelle could go horribly wrong. “I know what I’m doing” and “I got this” are famous last words. Chloe Lanier is too excellent of an actress not to be written off in a way they could bring her back. Nelle needs a long stay in Ferncliff or Darkham Asylum, that way if she came back they could give a reason for Nelle’s changed nature. The character was a failure on a basic level because she never evolved past wanting to punish Carly. It was hard to feel sympathy for her, let alone like Nelle.

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Auf wiedersehen.
There is no way Peter is going to be killed off because there is more story left to tell between him, Anna, and that flash drive that’s still in the Metro Court’s lost and found. Unlike Nelle, Peter has often shown signs of remorse. At the same time, he’s shown shades of Faison and knows how to play mind games. It will be interesting to see how the writers play his storyline out, and hopefully, he won’t be like one-note Nelle. As for that flash drive, I can’t believe no one at the Metro Court thought to see what was on it to find the owner.

It remains to be seen how Peter, Nina, and even Obrecht are going to get out of this without a lengthy prison stay. I would like to see Obrecht end up in Ferncliff with Carly, the mystery patient, and battling that awful Nurse Mary Pat. Even though Obrecht tried to torch him, Peter could still go along with Nina’s original suggestion and refuse to press charges. On soaps even if a crime has been committed, it always seems to go away if nobody presses charges. It would also help in showing Peter does want to redeem himself. I just don’t want to see him redeem himself in Maxie’s bed!

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My three dads.
Between Drew and Franco vying for dad of the year with Jake, Jason’s got his work cut out for him. I appreciated that Franco was not trying to make waves with Jake getting to know Jason, and that Drew and Jason put their issues on hold for both Jake and Michael this week. It would be great to see Jason not only get to know his kids but for him and Drew to get to the point where they could build some kind of brotherly relationship. Hell might have a better chance of freezing over though. But some growth for both of them is long overdue.

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The determined DA.
Drew’s run-in with DA Margaux Dawson has been expected since Hendrickson’s casting. It’s obvious the writers are hoping to play off of Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson’s previous romantic pairing on The Young and the Restless. I asked viewers on Twitter their thoughts and most are excited about the pairing. I did not watch them on previous soaps, but I am worried because Dawson so far has made it her mission to bring down Sonny, and Jason’s memories in Drew’s head would make that job incredibly easy for her. Drew even noted to Liz recently how he could easily remove Jason from the picture if he wanted to. Other fans re-iterated these same fears. Drew’s had a hard enough time finding acceptance in the face of Jason’s return, and if GH goes down this road, it could really tarnish his character and relationships with others.

Mob wars reignited.
Sonny and Jason seem to be ready to deal with Julian in order to protect Sonny’s secret about the body under the pub’s floor, though that still doesn’t solve the fact that it’s there. Jason offering to eliminate Julian was downright odd considering he’s still Sam’s father and Danny’s only marrow donor. Julian’s standing up to Sonny only served to annoy Kim, who won’t stand by Mobster Charlie. She completely overreacted because he wasn’t picking up a gun and sending in the Jerome goons. It seems like Kim is just looking for any reason to dump him because Drew is who she really wants to be with. It’s a shame because Julian and Kim have great chemistry and have been fun, they just don’t seem to be each other’s end game.

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