Deconstructing GH: Rooting for Obrecht to End the Misery That Is Peter

July 9 - 13:

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The week was heavily dominated by Peter and Nelle, more so than other weeks. Many viewers have been vocal that the entire summer has been dominated by these two at the expense of vets and other prominent actors. Shirtless Chase and some of the humorous lines about Peter were the saving graces of this week.

The plan we do not speak about.
Michael and the PCPD’s plan has been divulged a few times, but always off-screen so that we the viewers know few details. All we can ascertain from Chase’s statement and Jason’s reaction to the plan is that Michael is going to fake his death and his family isn’t in on this knowledge, except for Jason. Many viewers share Jason’s outrage that in the wake of Morgan’s death this will destroy Sonny and Carly. I’m outraged because now we will have to hear more about Morgan than we already do, which seems to be every time Carly or Sonny are on lately. Even Michael’s “faked death” will likely boil down to being all about Morgan.

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That time I killed your brother and your biological father.
Michael and Sonny bringing up AJ’s murder, and how Michael retaliated by taking Avery away from Sonny, all to prove to Jason that Michael could handle Nelle, was downright bizarre. They just mentioned AJ’s murder so casually and didn’t pause to reflect on it, like it was no big deal. Even Jason wasn’t fazed, and AJ was his brother. Sure, AJ wasn’t a good guy, and Sonny was in the midst of a bipolar episode when he shot AJ. However, the fact that it was a topic of casual conversation and was no big deal really annoyed viewers because it once again reflects that any crime Sonny and company commit is justifiable in some way, but anything done against them can never be forgiven nor forgotten. Hence why we hear about Ava and Morgan’s death non-stop.

Fifty shades of Henrik.
Finn and Franco teaming up to find Henrik, aka Peter, has been one of the only good things to come out of this terrible storyline of Obrecht holding him hostage. That and some of the hilarious dialogue, such as Franco trying to explain to Wyatt that adults can be complicated in regard to him swearing he saw a man tied to a bed. Later Obrecht delivered more humor when she confessed to Franco and Finn that she had turned to sex of the kinky kind to dull the pain of losing Nathan. Even these highlights can’t make up for this storyline, which has been more torturous for viewers than Peter. It’s too bad Nina stopped Obrecht from putting everyone out of their misery by smothering Peter with that pillow. Now they’ve moved Peter to the Wyndemere stables, where he’s got the upper hand over Obrecht by convincing her to make the sequel to The Severed Branch about her, Faison and Nathan. Sadly she fell for his trick, which is shocking because Obrecht usually doesn’t make such silly mistakes.

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Finn makes an effort.
Finn tried to reach out to Chase on his birthday, but Chase realized it was just a ploy not to have to see their dad and his mom, who are traveling to the area. Chase has been a great addition, and the fact that he’s nice to look at is an added bonus, but this storyline still is doing nothing for me. Many suspect, myself included, that the woman their father married was Finn’s ex-girlfriend and that Chase very well might be Finn’s son and not his half-brother. Because that’s never been done on a soap before.

Let’s get ready to rumble!
Maxie and Lulu’s battle royal with pool noodles and inflatable balls was funny, but this grudge Maxie is holding onto has long past expired in soap time. Here it looked like last week they had turned a corner when they met Colonel Sanders, as I discussed in my previous Deconstructing GH with the absurd KFC product placement gimmick. Unfortunately, Maxie is still angry. It was great to see Lulu stand up to her and refuse to keep groveling if Maxie didn’t want to be friends anymore. Maxie’s lack of similar anger towards Peter, who was a party to the article nonsense, is also annoying. She even admitted to Nina that Peter was her friend and there for her when she needed one. Yet Lulu somehow is the worst friend ever?

Friday the 13th wedding.
Michael and Nelle marrying on Friday the 13th is perfect considering what a monster Nelle is. Bobbie’s funeral attire was priceless. Sadly Michael likely is underestimating Nelle and in true horror movie fashion things probably won’t go the way he expects. Carly breaking out of Ferncliff to try and stop the wedding was yet another dunderhead move on her part. And just last week she had such a breakthrough in realizing she has let Nelle play her over and over. This escape will only get her locked up longer! While everyone is busy worrying about Michael’s plan, it seems nobody has noticed what Joss has been up to. She seems to be more like her mother than anyone has realized. Not only does it appear she knows Nelle is a snake, I can’t help but think she gave Morgan’s cologne to Oscar as part of a larger plan. Then again, maybe she has no plan and is just making rash decisions like Carly.

These are simply my opinions on this past week’s shows. Please leave your own in the comments.


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