Deconstructing GH: Viewers Laugh at the Absurd Fried Chicken Friday

July 2 - 6:

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Port Charles celebrated the Fourth of July, huge secrets came to light and are on the verge of exploding and causing maximum damage, and a marketing gimmick made for a strange close to the week.

Too little, too late.
Nelle did her best to push every button she could when visiting Carly in Ferncliff, but Carly kept her cool and didn’t let Nelle derail her progress in getting out of the hospital. Where was this Carly in court and before that? Had she kept her temper like she was constantly told, maybe she wouldn’t be in this mess.

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There’s new doctor at GH.
As I said in last week’s Deconstructing GH, the show should have brought in a legacy character as Liz’s blast from the past. Still, I appreciate GH hiring a trans actress to play a trans character, and I love that Terry is a Dr. who will be working at the hospital. Whether they’ll use her in an actual storyline remains to be seen, but the more emphasis placed on the hospital the better. Ever as slimy as Dr. Bensch is, the storyline is in part about GH and not mob life in Port Charles.

Strip that kid of his badges!
That scout Wyatt, (played by OLTL‘s Patrick J. Gibbons), needs to be stripped of his badges and kicked out of the troop. Sure walking in on a guy strapped to a bed in a remote cabin is strange. But aren’t scouts supposed to help people in need? Even Peter pointed that out to him. Wyatt’s excuse that he told no one about Peter because nobody would believe him was pretty lame. Aside from Wyatt being a terrible scout, viewers in our recaps and on social media are constantly wondering how Peter is going to the bathroom in his situation. Rule #1 on soaps when someone is held captive is that they never need to use the bathroom! Being a hostage impedes natural body functions in soapland.

The return of Cam.
Liz’s son Cam returned from upstairs, or wherever he always is, and has been aged to be part of Joss and Oscar’s cohort. I understand this is a way soaps try and lure in the younger viewers, but even as someone who started watching soaps religiously in my early teens, I never watched for other teens. I still don’t enjoy the teen romances, and especially not the teen love triangles, which is what they seem to be setting up. However, I loved Cam bringing up Joss’ corn obsession from a few years ago.

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Baby blues.
Brad and Lucas asking Sam to be their baby’s godmother was touching, but many viewers fear something will go wrong with this adoption, myself included. I’ve long believed Nelle is the anonymous birth mother. With Chloe Lanier leaving GH, I could see her actually giving the baby to them, while potentially skipping town and letting Michael believe she took the child with her, or that it died. But hey, at least she didn’t steal Maxie’s baby as many initially feared.

Dream is over, the nightmare continues.
Sam, Danny and Jason spending the 4th on the footbridge was a nice nod to the couple’s history. The next day Sam was informed by Drew that they were officially divorced. Their scenes were well acted and bittersweet. This love triangle, or whatever you want to call it, has been a mess since day one. It lacked any of the emotion throughout it that we’ve seen only recently. Drew needs to move on and continue working to get his memories back. The character needs something aside from being Oscar’s dad and nothing more, which is what he’s been reduced to lately.

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The body in the walls.
Milo returned to spend time with Sonny and Mike, and shared the touching story of his own mother’s passing from Alzheimer’s. It’s always great to see Milo or Max back and interacting with Sonny, though it’s a shame we didn’t see Milo with Epiphany. Mike, in yet another moment of clarity, confirmed Sonny’s suspicions that he and Charley Delaney hid the body from the field in Croton in Charlie’s pub. I called that in my column last week, and now Julian is thinking of expanding the pub, which means potentially unearthing the corpse. Maybe the mobster’s ghost can start haunting the pub and Sonny. That would make this story more thrilling than it currently is.

Finger licking good.
George Hamilton appeared on GH as KFC founder and mascot Colonel Sanders in one of the most bizarre marketing gimmicks and product placements on a soap to date. Maxie invited bestie Lulu over for some KFC and to meet the Colonel, who was in town. He explained to the inquisitive reporter that he met Maxie and Spinelli years ago when the syndicate was trying to hack into his mainframe and steal his secret recipe. Maxie and Spinelli helped him out then, and he needed Maxie’s help once more, entrusting her with his secret recipe to hide for him in her quaint little Port Charles apartment. As absurd as the entire thing was, it was hilarious of the writers to tie in the Port Charles mob. Maybe a rival family is trying to give Corinthos Coffee a run for its money as the top chain in town? Of course, the poor Colonel seems unaware that his recipe isn’t exactly a secret and anyone can Google it. Still, the episode had viewers chuckling on social media, though not always in a good way. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at the show.

As usual, these are just my opinions on the week. Agree or disagree, leave your own thoughts in the comments.


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